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Shag Rug Cleaning

We all love our shag rugs, but due to their shaggy nature, they accumulate a lot of dirt. And you might be wondering, “Where can I get my shaggy rug cleaned?” Look no further as PristineGreen is a premier carpet cleaning company that specializes in shaggy rug cleaning services. 

Shag Rug Cleaning in NYC

There are many different pile and material types of shag rugs, from long pile to short pile, and from wool to polyester shag rugs. Yet, they all have one thing in common: they are super cozy but gather a lot of dirt. Over time, from just wear and tear, these rugs can be a home to a variety of stains and accumulated dirt. Our shaggy rug cleaning service deep cleans your shag rug, restoring it to its original beauty.

Professional Shag Rug Cleaning

We offer a comprehensive shaggy rug cleaning service that surpasses our competitors. The rug, if not particularly dirty, can be cleaned in-home using our process of stain removal, agitation, and steam cleaning (aka hot-water extraction). If the shaggy, fuzzy rug needs a deep cleaning, we offer a facility clean. In this service, we pick up the rug and deliver it back within 7-10 days, completely deep cleaned from top to bottom. The rug is submerged in a shallow pool of water, agitated by hand with rug shampoo, rinsed, and repeated several times until no dirt remains. 

Shag Rug Cleaners Near You

Looking for a rug cleaner for your shaggy rug in your neighborhood? As NYC’s premier shag rug cleaner, we offer our cleaning services all across NYC. Anywhere in the five-boroughs and even in NJ, we offer our shaggy rug cleaning services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about Shag Rug Cleaning

Rugs are submerged in water, agitated by hand with shampoo, rinsed, and the process is repeated until clean, with a turnaround of 7-10 days.

In-home cleaning is quicker, while facility cleans take 7-10 days for a thorough deep clean.

Their cozy, shaggy nature traps a lot of dirt, making them challenging to clean without professional help.

Cleaning frequency depends on the level of dirt and wear, but professional shag rug cleaners would recommend at least once every six months.

Yes, professional cleaning is recommended to fully restore the beauty of shag rugs and ensure deep cleanliness.

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