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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

PristineGreen Cleaning now provides a Wood Floor cleaning service that will extend the lifespan of your wood flooring while keeping it clean and glossy after each service. Our wood floor care removes dirt, dust, oil, and other impurities that can deteriorate wood flooring, resulting in expensive repairs. Our Hardwood Wood Floor Service goes much further than a typical home floor cleaning. As with most systems and products, we don’t clean just the wood floor surface. We remove deep-rooted dirt from within the boards, thoroughly dry and hand-clean the floor surface, and then finish with a polished top coat.

Commercial Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors look great, but they're also prone to heavy wear and tear. Particularly in a commercial environment, heavy traffic can wear down the wood surface and leave it dull and discolored. You’re not only looking to improve your appearance, but you’re also protecting what can be a significant business investment. That’s why it’s so important to find the right solution for your hardwood floors. PristineGreen Cleaning wood floor service offers a wide range of options, so it’s just a matter of finding the one that best fits your needs. Don’t forget that even the worst floors can be restored.

When daily activities leave your hardwood floor looking dull and drab, it's time to reach out to the top commercial hardwood floor cleaners NYC. With our deep clean process, we remove even the invisible dirt and grime hiding in your hardwood floors’ crevices. Your cleaning team may mop your floors, but that only moves the dust and dirt around. With the PristineGreen Cleaning wood floor service, we safely remove the toughest dirt and residues from your floors. With commercial-strength, proprietary cleaning agents and cutting-edge equipment, we lift the dirt off your floors, leaving you with a clean, professional and attractive look.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We clean large chunks of dirt and grime and get the floor ready for high-tech wood floor cleaning equipment. Our wood floor care & intensive floor treatment attacks hard dirt with our cylindrical wood floor cleaning equipment that agitates and dislodges embedded dirt and residue. Our specialized equipment then squeezes out the cleaning solution and leaves your floor dry.

Our experienced technicians will manually clean the edges and hard-to-reach areas, while a microfiber fabric collects the remaining surface grime and debris. In addition, our high-tech cleaning equipment removes any remaining dust and debris. Hardwood floor cleaning by PristineGreen leaves your wood floors clean and residue free without the need for sanding.

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