Steam Cleaning Vs Hot Water Extraction (Deep Clean)

Steam Cleaning Vs Hot Water Extraction

A deep confusion surrounds the effectiveness of steam cleaning vs its other alternatives such as hot-water extraction as known at PristineGreen Cleaning as the “deep clean.”

So really the question is: what is the difference between steam cleaning and deep cleaning?
Many companies tout low prices, offering customers “steam cleaning.” once their workmen come to the location and perform the service, customers are unhappy because no dirt has been removed. Then, they up-sell on the spot more effective services carpet cleaning services such as hot-water extraction and customers, feeling pressured, give in, spending more money than they had planned for.

Here we will break down the difference between steam cleaning and deep cleaning, or hot-water extraction.

Why steaming is not an effective cleaning tool for fabrics

When fabric is dirty (our clothes for example), how do we clean it? Do we steam it with a steamer and the stain comes out? Or do we put stain remover on it and throw it in the washing machine on hot water. The answer, of course, is the latter.

Steaming fabric only removes wrinkles and disinfects, but does not lift dirt or stains. Washing a textile in hot water for carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning with stain remover and soap allows the dirt and the surrounding particles to dissolve and be washed away once rinsed.

Why Hot Water Extraction is Necessary

To effectively clean your fabrics and textiles, hot-water extraction or deep cleaning is necessary, not just steam cleaning. A hot-water extractor both shoots out soapy liquid into the carpet or upholstery and then an instant later, extracts the dirt and water. The water, like a washing machine, can be cold, warm, or hot depending on the fabric - but hot produces the best results, eliminating more stains and dirt. Steam cleaning merely shoots hot steam through the fabric. This disinfects the material but does not lift stains. It actually may set stains in as it could shoot the dirt, oil, and stains farther into the fabric. Steaming should be done only after cleaning!

Our Effective Cleaning Process

Pristine green’s unique deep cleaning process is multi-step, to defeat all types of stains and grime. Steps include using a pre-spray, stain remover, agitation, hot water extraction, steam-cleaning, and a brush-out if the fabric requires it. Missing one of these steps could lead to either an ineffective carpet cleaning or even damage fabric - which is why it is always wise to use a company which tells you their process and has great reviews.

Uses for Deep Cleaning or Carpet and Upholstery Extraction

Deep cleaning can be used for a variety of purposes. For those sensitive individuals, it is important to have your furniture cleaned regularly to avoid the buildup of dust, which causes dust mites, a common allergen that can lead to coughing, red eyes, runny nose, and more. For those with pets, a deep cleaning is essential to lift the dirt and oils that dogs and cats naturally carry. Having a clean surface, free of pet dander makes the home more inviting and neutral-smelling, instead of having the pet’s odor dominate the furniture, rugs and bed.

What We Do!

At PristineGreen, we use deep cleaning and steam cleaning at the appropriate times, for the appropriate purposes. We always offer a hot-water extraction and if the client chooses a more in-depth cleaning package, we steam clean the item to disinfect and even to add a luxurious scent with essential oils. We will never make a customer believe that steam cleaning will solve your upholstery cleaning needs. This is downright misleading and we are an honest company recommended by many across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island!

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