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Viscose Rug Cleaning

Viscose rugs are very difficult to clean due to the nature of fibers’ composition. Viscose is made from cellulose, the material that comes from trees, and browns, just like paper would, when wet. PristineGreen specializes in viscose rug cleaning to prevent rug browning when wet and also to repair browning spots. 

Viscose Rug Cleaning

Viscose water stain, also known as viscose yellowing or browning, comes from a chemical reaction of water with the fibers of the carpet. This chemical reaction is often permanent and many homeowners are shocked to find out how fragile and impractical their expensive viscose rugs are. From simply leaving a potted plant on the corner of the rug to a dog urine stain on the viscose rug, these yellow marks are becoming commonplace in our work. 

Facility Cleaning

At PristineGreen, we specialize in wool viscose blend and full viscose rug cleaning to both prevent and remove viscose area rug yellowing and water stains. We will take away your viscose rug for 7-10 days, to have it cleaned in our facility. In the facility, using viscose rug cleaning solutions and careful handwork, we can effectively clean viscose area rugs. We can also then apply a viscose rug protector on the fibers to prevent re-soiling. 

Stain Removal

Want those yellow stains gone from your viscose rug? We have special tools and techniques, acquired from years of experience working with this difficult fabric to remove yellow stains. 

Color Restoration

As yellowing stains are from a chemical reaction rather than a material embedded in the fibers of viscose, stain removal is very difficult. If we aren’t able to remove the yellow or browning, we can apply a color restoration treatment which will bleach the affected area and then by hand, we re-dye the spots with matching color. In this way, we can restore your rug to like-new condition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about Viscose Rug Cleaning

Viscose rugs are challenging to clean due to their cellulose-based fibers, which brown similarly to paper when wet, making them highly sensitive to water and stains.

Yellowing or browning in viscose rugs results from a chemical reaction between water and the cellulose fibers, often leading to permanent discoloration.

Yes, dog urine can leave yellow marks on viscose rugs due to the cellulose fibers' reaction with the moisture and compounds in the urine.

After professional cleaning, applying a viscose rug protector can help shield the fibers from future stains and re-soiling, extending the rug's cleanliness.

Specialized tools and techniques are used by professional cleaners to tackle the difficult task of removing yellow stains from viscose rugs.

If stains can't be removed, a color restoration treatment involving bleaching the affected area and re-dyeing it by hand with matching colors can restore the rug to a like-new condition.

Viscose rugs require professional cleaning at a specialized facility where the necessary solutions and handwork can be applied safely and effectively.

Professional cleaning involves taking the rug to a facility for 7-10 days, where it undergoes a thorough cleaning process with specific solutions designed for viscose, followed by protective treatment application.

Due to their delicate nature and the complexity of potential stains, home cleaning is not recommended for viscose rugs. Professional cleaning is necessary to avoid further damage.

Wool viscose blend rugs are cleaned with a special approach that considers both the delicate nature of viscose and the more durable wool, requiring professional expertise to prevent damage and effectively remove stains.

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