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Viscose Rug Cleaning Services

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Viscose Rug Cleaning Services

PrisitineGreen Cleaning team receives lots of requests to clean dozens of area rugs and carpets of various kinds every day. Our cleaning professionals have vast skills and expertise in dealing with a wide variety of carpets, color dyes, yarn, and weaving. Certain carpets and rugs are particularly challenging to safely clean, even though the majority of them are pretty simple to clean. Without a doubt most popular type of rug is viscose, commonly referred to as art silk or rayon carpets.

Our years of working with several damaged and deteriorating viscose carpets have given us enough experience. We are the best option for queries regarding viscose rug cleaning, and we can offer you fast, reliable assistance at a reasonable price. Please do not hesitate to contact us and let one of our skilled professionals arrange for an efficient cleaning service.

Viscose Carpet Cleaning Problems

First of all, viscose fibers are incredibly weak, especially when exposed to water, which can cause them to lose up to 50% of their strength. This would turn washing with water, either by hand or by machine, into a harmful cleaning phase. According to common belief, using a lot of water to clean a viscose rug yields the best results, necessitating the services of experienced viscose rug cleaners.

Lay Nap Drying

Furthermore, remember that cleaning viscose rugs might be far more challenging than cleaning silk rugs. This is especially true if you intend to use any homemade cleaning supplies on your viscose rugs. Additionally, if a viscose rug's nap lie is not correctly groomed throughout the drying process, the fibers will point in random directions, giving an appearance that the rug has not been cleaned lately. The incorrect nap lay has a direct impact on this also.

Viscose is among the most delicate fabric kinds, thus skilled viscose rug cleaners just need to know how to handle the drying and grooming to ensure that the fibers won't end up in the incorrect places. Our professionals know exactly how long it takes to clean and dry such a rug, and how to approach every stage of the procedure to ensure a zero-damage cleaning policy every time. When cleaning a viscose rug, it can typically take up to four times longer than cleaning a rug made of wool, silk, or synthetic material.

Viscose Rug Shedding

Viscose rugs are also prone to excessive shedding due to the automatic pulling of the fibers during vacuuming. If you have a powerful vacuum cleaner with a power head, do not use it to clean a viscose rug or any carpet made of viscose.

Viscose Carpet Cleaning

One of the most important things about viscose is that it doesn’t tolerate color dyes very well. Most of the time, the moisture in the viscose will cause the colors in your rug to bleed out. This is most likely to happen when you steam clean your rug. Our professional viscose carpet cleaners near me know exactly how to clean and wash your rugs in a way that won’t damage their dyes or fibers.

Yellowing Issue

Another problem with these rugs is that any kind of moisture, whether it’s from a spill or from natural moisture in the air, can oxidize the fibers and cause them to turn brown or yellow. That’s why it’s crucial to deal with a new spill as soon as possible and not allow the fibers to sit in water for too long.

Viscose Cleaning Solution

We are equipped with the necessary expertise, know-how, and practical experience to inspect and clean any kind of viscose rug. When it comes to expert rayon carpet cleaning or thorough art silk rug cleaning, we are your go-to team. We are aware of every factor that might cause the viscose to break, shed, change color, become yellow, and eventually disappear. None of these features or methods will ever be directly applied to your expensive viscose carpets by our professionals.

Whether you have an old stain or a fresh spot, we know how to deal with them. We are also experts in pet urine stain solutions, so don’t hesitate to contact us immediately if you find a new stain on your carpets. The earlier we can get to the stain and deal with it using our high-tech products, the more likely it is that your rug will be saved.

We charge affordable fees for our viscose rug cleaning services, and we offer free price estimates over the phone or in person. Feel free to get in touch with us, describe your problem to us in detail, and allow us to provide you with a free, zero-obligation, and comprehensive price quote and schedule a cleaning job for you.

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