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Carpet And Area Rug Restoration

You might be surprised by the fact that the comforting, warm sunlight that streams through your windows into your living room or bedroom can have a damaging effect on the condition of your favorite carpets. Other things that are known to harm carpets and cause their colors to fade over time include pet urine, wine and juice stains, and harmful chemicals in carpet cleaners. It is also proved that patterns and colors become compromised with repeated washing.

Unfortunately, most individuals find themselves unaware when they witness their carpets and rugs slowly fading before they even notice. Everything begins with one or two tiny spots that seem to be gradually disappearing. You could ignore the stains or classify them as minor discolored carpet problems.

However, there's a chance that you might be facing more serious harm than just some color fading. Strong, direct sunlight may cause the fibers in your carpet to deteriorate. Furthermore, exposing your rugs to various contaminants will cause further issues. Fortunately, you may restore your carpets' earlier shine and elegance with our expert carpet color restoration services.

The Reason Behind Color Fade

Dyes that have started to bleed or fade are harder to see, while carpet tears and stains are easy to see with the naked human eye. These are slow processes that will need closer examination. Generally speaking, there are a number of reasons why the colors in your carpets begin to bleed and fade. Undesirable stains in your carpets are frequently the result of a variety of reasons. A qualified carpet specialist needs to be able to examine your carpets, determine specific problems, and provide the most effective fixes.

Colorfastness in Carpets

Long-term exposure of red dyes to sunlight increases the likelihood of bleeding events. Compared to rugs of other colors, carpets are more prone to damage by tiny molecules of red dye. Due to the abundance of red dyes in Oriental rugs, you are more prone to experience problems with color dye. Carpet detergent's alkaline ingredients can harm blue colors, which are often less stable. Although purple and green-blue designs appear great on the flooring, they also have a higher chance of bleeding.

Carpet and Area Rug Restoration

If you possess costly oriental rugs and carpets that have been carried down through the centuries in your family or whether you have simply spent a significant amount of money on them, you may desire to make every effort to restore the original beauty and charm of your carpets. Offering assistance should come naturally to a professional rug color restoration firm that specializes in all aspects of faded carpet repair.

The PristineGreen Cleaning technicians only use permanent and colorfast dyes, so as soon as we finish restoring the colors in your freshly colored carpets, you won't be restricted from walking on them. We only employ safe, green color restoration techniques since we are an eco-friendly carpet recoloring company. In addition to saving you lots of money on new carpet purchases or failed attempts at restoration, we will save your family, your pets, and the environment.

Let us handle the finest possible care for your carpets and rugs by giving us a call now to arrange a meeting. We guarantee that you won't have to break the bank to have your carpets looking like new again, and we have cost-effective carpet color renewal services in the city. Using specialized NYC carpet color restoration procedures, we will evaluate the materials and weaving methods of your oriental area rug or modern carpet in order to meet their specific needs. We will fix any flaws and re-dye the affected sections to match the original colors and patterns by using cutting-edge color-facing repair techniques.

Give us a call and let us restore the original beauty of your fading carpets!

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