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Welcome to PristineGreen Cleaning, a leading furniture cleaning company located in NYC, serving all five boroughs!

Furniture cleaning is an essential element of a home’s cleaning routine. Over time, from just general wear and tear, your sofas, chairs, mattresses, and more accumulate dust and dirt. Furthermore, if you have children or pets, they can cause quicker soiling from food stains, accidents, and smells. Regularly cleaning your furniture will ensure that your textiles remain fresh and vibrant as waiting too long or never cleaning your furniture’s fabric can lead to permanent damage.

Pieces of Furniture We Clean

We specialize in a variety of upholstery cleaning services: couch cleaning, sofa washing, upholstery cleaning, and more! From small to large, we have you covered!

Upholstery Fabrics We Clean

We Clean a variety of fabrics from more rugged to very delicate. We have all the tools and chemicals to care for each appropriately.

Why Cleaning Yourself Is Not the Solution

Trying to clean furniture yourself can be both time-consuming and ineffective. Have you tried cleaning your clothing with just a spray bottle and a rag? It's really impossible! Sure, you can lessen the impact of a few stains, but over time, there is no way for a homeowner to really give your couches, chairs, carpets, and mattresses a good deep clean. That’s why it’s imperative to hire a professional furniture cleaner to give your textiles a deep clean. Furthermore, if you do not properly treat stains within a certain time frame, they will most likely become permanentLastly, not all fabrics can be treated with basic tools you can find at home. Many fabrics require special care. Don’t risk damaging your beloved couch! Call a professional and enjoy a truly professional clean and also retain the value of your couch from damage. To recap, some of the benefits you can expect from hiring PristineGreen include:

Superior Cleaning Results:

We, as professional cleaners have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to remove deep-seated dirt, stains, and allergens that DIY’ers won’t be able to achieve.


Time is money! Don’t waste your time cleaning your furniture to end up with a mediocre result. Save time and effort by letting us handle the furniture cleaning.

Protection of Your Furniture:

We only use safe and effective cleaning methods and products that will not damage your furniture.

Improved Indoor Air Quality:

Regular professional furniture cleaning can help to reduce dust, allergens, and other airborne contaminants that can trigger allergies and respiratory problems. DIY’ers won’t be able to achieve this using household tools.

Our Furniture Cleaning Process

Fabric Care:

Before we begin cleaning, we inspect your piece to determine the fabric and cleaning codes. Following the codes is very important, but there are instances where one can stray away from codes in order to do a proper cleaning. We have this experience. We also need to determine the type of fabric so that we know how we can deep clean the fibers.

Stain Removal:

We offer comprehensive stain removal services. Using a variety of cleaning methods, we determine what machine we use, what tools we use, what chemicals we use, what water to use and more to get out even the toughest stains. Win stains, pet accidents, coffee stains, food stains, and more! We strive to give you the deepest clean and stain removal possible while preserving the integrity of your furniture’s fabric.

Green and Safe Products:

At PristineGreen, we are dedicated to using only products that are certified by the US EPA “Safer Choice” program. We have time-tested all the chemicals we use to ensure that they are both green as well as effective. Many individuals seek us out because of our expertise in green chemicals whether they are mothers of young children, pet owners, or just health-conscious individuals.

Fabric Protection:

After our cleaning, we do offer furniture protection using Scotchguard. Scotchguard is a liquid polymer that can be applied to the surface of clean fabrics which minimize soiling over time. It’s a great way to prolong your cleaning without changing the feel of the fabric.

Odor Removal:

We also offer odor removal services. Odor removal is an essential step in our cleaning process for stains and accidents that cause penetrating and acrid smells. These include vomit and pet stains, cat urine stains, and human mattress stains. We use a special, also green certified deodorizer that is safe for both pets and children that eliminates the odors nearly instantly. It doesn’t mask odors, it eliminates them! Forget Febreze, it's no match for our methods and products!

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