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Flokati Rug Cleaning Services

Greek shepherds first utilized flokati area rugs as a way to remain warm during the winter. They were accidentally discovered and have been utilized ever since to take on their current soft, fluffy appearance. Flokati carpets of today are constructed from wool, either synthetic or natural, and other materials that can replicate the original pattern of these rugs. If at least one of these rugs is now bringing beauty, charm, and softness into your house, you might need assistance with cleaning and care.

The team at PristineGreen Cleaning is skilled in providing a wide range of carpet cleaning services that are tailored to suit different carpet materials, styles, and production methods. These area rugs, which are soft, pillow-like, and are available in a variety of colors and designs, are perfect for all kinds of home décor. Due to their unique characteristics, the Flokati area rug is always present in homes. These rugs began to become popular in the U.S. during the 1970’s as part of the “cultural revolution” and people began to love them.

The PristineGreen Cleaning team is a professional in flokati rug cleaning and maintenance services for these rugs as well as other unique carpet types, such as wool, silk, cotton, Persian, Turkish, and Oriental rugs. These area rugs are incredibly versatile, meaning they can be used as carpets, blankets, clothing, or bedding. They’re also fire-resistant and stain-resistant, making them ideal for use in homes with heavy foot traffic, small kids, or pets.

If you have old and hard-to-remove stains or traces of deep-rooted grime in the fibers of your Flokati carpet, call us today and arrange an appointment at the time and date that suits you best. We can remove stains, including those caused by pet waste, and restore your beloved rugs to their former glory in no time.

Flokati Rugs Cleaning Services

If you want your Flokati carpets to stay fluffy, soft and aesthetically pleasing for years to come, we highly recommend you don’t try to clean them at home, especially if there are old stains on them. Pet accidents can happen on any carpet, and while these rugs are stain-resistant, it’s highly likely that you’ll find pet urine or pet waste stains on your white, pink or beige flokati rugs if you have a playful pet. Regular home vacuums and carpet cleaning products for modern-day or oriental carpets can cause more damage than benefit.

To prevent any form of damage to your carpets, you should hire professional, insured cleaning services like ours. The PristineGreen Cleaning team specializes in the full range of carpet cleaning services for most sensitive and hard-to-clean carpet types, including Flokati. We only use professional vacuum cleaners, pressure air cleaning and steam cleaning for the best results. We save you time, energy and money on repairing damaged rugs or buying new ones.

Flokati Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Our experienced technicians will carefully examine the condition of your carpets and decide on the best way to remove all dirt, dust, stains and unwanted germs from the carpet fibers. Rugs that have been sitting under furniture for a long time, area rugs in vacation homes, or rugs that don’t get vacuumed at least twice a week are more prone to wear and tear over the years. Natural wool and cotton flokati rugs can also attract moths if they aren’t cleaned and maintained properly.

The cleaning process can begin with professional brushing techniques followed by vacuum cleaning using industrial vacuum cleaners, only the suction method will be used to prevent the fibers from becoming entangled and damaged. Mild cleaning agents will then be used to remove any remaining dirt and dust, using only a limited amount of water to prevent further damage. The drying process will be done using professional equipment in state of the art dedicated drying rooms.

Pressure air flow is another effective cleaning method for your Flokati carpet. All visible dirt and bacteria will be eliminated with a vigorous shake. Our carpet cleaners will then apply high pressure to remove any debris that may have escaped during the previous cleaning process. Machine washing of Flokati area carpets is also possible, especially if the carpets are quite small. The carpets will be washed with mild, eco-friendly carpet washing detergent that does not contain bleaching agents or other harmful substances.

Call us today and book an appointment for a Flokati carpet inspection and allow us to restore your area rugs to their original beauty, texture and softness with some of the lowest rates in the business.

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