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Moth Removal Service

Moth damage is one of the most common concerns that our professional technicians are called to address. Carpet moths and other moth species that feed on protein-based fabrics like cotton, wool, and silk are among the most annoying, damaging, and stubborn insects to get rid of. Simply rug cleaning will not solve the problem.

The Life Stages of Moths and Their Development

Moths are more dangerous during their larval stage when they eat on carpets and clothing. They are least dangerous in their adult phase, even if they can be equally distressing to even look at or to live with. A moth’s usual life cycle ranges from two to three months. Moths like damp, dark areas with high temperatures. They also thrive on carpets that have not been well cleaned and maintained in a long time.

Moth damage happens when area rugs are put under heavy furniture for several years in a row. To get better moth control, you must be proactive and utilize your vacuum on a daily basis. Ideal maintenance measures can help stop moths from taking refuge in your home. Precious oriental rugs passed down through generations in your family should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. The more effort and time you put into caring for your carpets, the better you will be to protect them.

Getting Rid of Moths in Carpets

If you see even a single little moth hovering around your woven rugs or silk Turkish carpets in the living room or bedroom, you should be quite concerned. While you may be able to prevent a carpet moth infestation, most individuals only become aware of the full magnitude of the problem when holes appear in their carpets and clothing. This is also the season when we receive urgent phone calls from customers requesting our quick aid in moth removal from their houses. This is a late stage of the problem, and we do not recommend contacting us before calling.

If you believe you have moths in your carpets, closets, or furniture upholstery, contact our professional customer service team right away. Tell us why you believe you have a moth infestation, and we will work around your schedule to choose the ideal date and time for an accurate examination. Keep in mind that just eliminating adult moths with bug sprays and other such approaches will not solve the underlying problem.

The moth larvae that have begun to live in your carpets and area rugs are your biggest adversary and the most harmful materials you should remove. This is especially true for carpets made of goat hair, which moths find incredibly delectable. We will thoroughly inspect your floor coverings and furniture and inform you if you are dealing with a minor or major infestation. The last thing you need is an army of moth larvae eating away at the delicate threads of your prized Oriental carpets.

Synthetic carpets should not help you sleep better at night. If you have a pet in the house, its hair can readily embed in the carpet fibers, and along with its pee and any excess food spills, your synthetic carpets will become your moths' next favorite meal. In order to fully examine each carpet, we will take advantage of the nearly year-round sunshine in New York. We will expose both the face and back of the carpets to bright sunshine and ensure that all moths are exterminated.

Remove Moths from House

After the assessment is done, we will vacuum both sides of the carpets. We will then use plenty of water and detergent to properly clean the rugs. Steam cleaning is often used by our professionals to treat serious moth infestations. Finally, for the greatest results, we will flat-dry the carpets using natural light and solar heat.

Carpet Moth Extermination

Moth damage on rugs and carpets made of natural fibers necessitates a certain amount of skills and expertise. We'll start by laying a foundation of both horizontal and vertical threads. These threads will be used to tie knots around the warps. We do not suggest that you do this on your own since you risk inflicting much more damage.

Our highly experienced carpet professionals are specialists in this field and know exactly what to do to get the finest results. They will concentrate on exactly matching the weaves and rely on the knot method used on the remainder of the rug. They will also concentrate on matching all of the colors and patterns in the new weave.

Persian rugs have a mesmerizing and ageless charm that is difficult to put into words. Their significance can be found in many sectors of life and extends beyond basic house décor. The unique Persian carpets accompany art, fashion, poetry, music, and wine, which represent the very essence of the Iranian people's character and mentality. They may be spotted on catwalks, in music halls, inside houses, and in luxury offices and businesses all around the world. Their financial value is excellent, and in some cases nearly incomparable, particularly when it comes to antique rugs carried down from generation to generation.

Professional Moth Extermination

Speak with a qualified carpet specialist if you think moths have destroyed your carpets to such an extent that it is not feasible to repair them. Re-knotting and re-piling the damaged sections of a rug should be possible for an expert technician, such as the professionals at PristineGreen Cleaning. Simultaneously, they need to possess the skills to replicate the original pattern, returning your treasured and perhaps costly Oriental rugs to its original condition.

The challenge of exactly matching the wool is one of the biggest challenges faced by carpet cleaners and rug repair specialists. But as some of the wool in the priciest carpets has naturally aged, this is not necessarily something that can be done simply. For the rug to have the same shade, years would be needed, during which time it would need to be exposed to both direct sunshine and wear and tear. Fortunately, the majority of carpet cleaning services available today are quite skilled in restoring the wool's color and restoring your moth-damaged carpets to their former splendor and beauty.

If needed, the PristineGreen Cleaning experts can precisely reconstruct the base of your damaged rugs. They will then expose the face and back of the carpets to the sun for a few days at a time. This will enable them to look for any remaining and active moths with more thoroughness. In order to get rid of any last larval eggs, they will also use safe heating techniques. In addition, this approach will remove any embedded dirt, something that cannot be achieved using do-it-yourself, unprofessional moth removal techniques that you may be tempted to attempt. Additionally, it does an outstanding job of better preserving the rug's color and weaving.

The rug will next be cleaned on both sides with water and detergent, and it will be left to dry flat in the sun. They will next weave the foundation's vertical and horizontal threads and knots around them. This kind of work necessitates the focus and expertise of master repair professionals because it is extremely delicate and complicated.

Ensuring that the rug's pattern and methods are the same over its whole surface is crucial to its success. It is frequently regarded as pure art when the color of the new weaving is matched to the rug's original design. In order to stop moth damage from happening in the first place, professionals can also have all of your Oriental rugs and carpet professionally cleaned around your home or place of business once a year.

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