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At PristineGreen cleaning, we have perfected our cleaning techniques and methods to accommodate all your carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning needs. Whether you have a dirty microfiber couch that needs steam cleaning, or a carpet with a pet urine stain, we have all the services you need. Yet, customers often ask us, what is your process for cleaning carpet and upholstery? We will discuss here the process we use to clean your carpets and furniture. 

In-Home Cleaning

We offer in-home cleaning for a variety of your upholstery and carpet cleaning needs. We use professional steam cleaning machines coupled with non-toxic and eco-friendly products, to bring you an amazing and safe clean. Here is our process:


Before working on any piece of furniture, we ensure that large pieces of debris and hair are removed using a professional-grade vacuum and an adhesive roller.


Our packages include a pre-spray (mild soapy solution to initially wet the item and begin breaking down the dirt) and a stain remover (a more intense but non-toxic solution that is used for taking out deep dirt, odors, oils, urine, grease, and more).


We then agitate the fabric or leather with a carefully selected brush (varying materials and stiffness) to break up dirt and oil particles.

Hot Water Extraction/Rinsing

Finally, we use a hot-water extractor which shoots clean, heated water into the fabric, while simultaneously sucking it up through a water-safe vacuum. This final process eliminates the dirty slurry that was created in the previous steps while cleansing it with fresh water.


After the previous steps, the item is very clean with no stains, dirt, or dust. If there are any spots that need extra attention, we begin the process over on that section until the area looks brand new.


Finally, if the customer purchased the disinfection package, we either steam the furniture to kill any possible bacteria or dust mites that may be living in the fabric or treat it with a hospital grade disinfectant that kills 99% of all bacteria living on the item. If desired, we can even put an essential oil of your choice in the disinfectant to create a luxurious smell and feel for some time.

Facility Cleaning

If you have chosen a facility for cleaning your carpets, for a variety of reasons, we have a different process for cleaning them there. Note, upholstery items are only cleaned in-home and never taken away for facility cleaning. 


The rug is first inspected for the presence of stains, urine, and infestations. If any of these are present, they need to be treated in different ways respectively. In addition, the colors are tested to ensure that during the cleaning process, they do not bleed or run. If we find evidence of bleeding, the rug is cleaned with a special chemical to prevent the running dye from mixing with the other colors or the dyes are set into the fibers before cleaning. 


We first use a variety of techniques to remove as much dry soil from the carpet as possible. We use both compressed air as well as a rug beating machine to beat the backing of the rug to dislodge any compacted dirt and grime. This is very important for hand-knotted rugs as the dirt works its way into the knots and cannot be removed with just a simple vacuum. 

Washing and Scrubbing

The rug is then cleaned in several ways depending on the condition and material of the rug. For regular rugs, the rug is placed in a giant rug cleaning machine which slowly moves the rug through a variety of stages of cleaning, fully submerging it in water, scrubbing it with 6 different brushes, and then finally rinsing it. For rugs that are more fragile, we clean the rugs with a floor rotary machine or by hand. The end result of the cleaning results in an immaculate rug, cleaned from the fibers to the backing, with no damage occurring during the facility process. 

Rug Repair

Some rugs have issues that need repair. Repair could involve reweaving, re-fringing, color restoration, and more. We offer a variety of area rug repair services and these services would occur during the facility cleaning process. Learn more about our area rug repair services.

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