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Antique Rug Cleaning Services

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Antique Rug Cleaning Services

The beauty and charm of antique rugs come from their age-old history. Many antique rugs are handmade, date back centuries, and are part of family heirlooms. They have been passed down from one generation to the next, and their originality makes them indestructible. They are among the most valuable home investments when it comes to decor.

To extend the life of an antique rug, it is essential to hire a professional rug cleaning service. You need a company that has extensive experience in the antique rug cleaning industry and understands the value of these masterpieces. They can help you keep your antique rugs in pristine condition while restoring them to their former glory.

Most of the time, antique area rugs need to be hand washed with specially-designed soap and water. Some rugs aren’t colorfast, so their dyes bleed as soon as they get wet. That’s why we’ll thoroughly evaluate each rug that comes in and decide what’s the best custom treatment after our thorough assessment. Steam cleaning using an extractorwill almost always cause total damage to your antique rug. So, it’s important to hire professional antique rug cleaners that can use the correct cleaning tools and techniques for a zero damage process.

Antique Carpet Cleaning

If you have an old-style carpet made of wool with lanolin, your carpet is more resistant to spills. If you have a new spill on your carpet, you can easily deal with it by blotting the carpet before it gets stained. Using a clean, slightly moist cloth, blot the carpet from the edges and work your way down the middle. If you have a more stubborn stain that’s harder to get rid of, you could use your normal hair shampoo.

Hair and wool carpets have a lot of the same protein in common, so it’s a good idea to use your regular shampoo. However, never use any harsh chemicals on an antique area rug. If you have a red wine stain or a food stain that requires professional help, we encourage you to contact us, your professional antique rug cleaners and let us take care of it for you. Homemade cleaning solutions may work well on minor spills, but there’s always a chance that they’ll cause more damage – even irreparable damage – to your rug. For example, if you scrub too hard, you’ll almost always end up with a spill and stain that gets stuck in the fibers.

If you don’t know how to properly dry an antique rug after it’s been cleaned, the foundation could rot as well. Why take the risk of discoloring your favorite rug when you can call us and let us take care of it? We work quickly, efficiently, and affordably, and we’ll make sure you’re happy with every job we do. We only use the safest, most reliable, and environmentally friendly stain removers available in the market.

Antique Oriental Rugs Cleaning Services

To ensure a job well done each time, we strongly suggest you always work with cleaners with many years of experience in the industry. If your rug has recently been flooded by an accident or you had something spill on it and you can’t clean the stains yourself, contact us. We can remove all dust mites and bacteria, as well as allergens and other harmful microorganisms from your carpet fibers using commercial grade vacuuming. Sometimes, especially for low pile rugs we will use non-electric sweepers to prevent any damage.

We will then use the most appropriate cleaning method that won’t harm your rugs, whether it’s gentle hand washing or other type of professional cleaning in a controlled environment. The air drying process is also important for keeping your area rugs clean and in pristine condition. Lanolin-rich rugs are more susceptible to damage due to poor cleaning and maintenance. This is because of the delicate nature of the lanolin fibers. With bad handling, a lanolin-rich carpet could easily begin to lose its protective shield. That’s why we suggest you don’t try to moth-proof such a carpet. You should also avoid dry cleaning or steam cleaning.

The best way to extend the life of your old rugs is to have them serviced by a professional antique rug cleaner every few years. We provide free phone consultations and guarantee you will find with us the lowest, most competitive, and transparent prices in the business. We provide affordable prices for antique area rugs because of our mobile teams located throughout New York City.

Call us a call today and book an appointment and let us show you why we’re the #1 antique rug cleaner in NYC!

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