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Carpet Cleaning

Rated top in carpet shampooing, deep carpet cleaning, and area rug cleaning, PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning is the company to trust. Specializing in stain removal, odor removal, sanitizing, and other carpet cleaning services, we cover all your needs.

We understand you have invested in your carpets at home or at the workplace to give the best first impressions to guests or clients. But this investment can easily turn into an eyesore without the proper maintenance as dirt, grime, and odors build up. Instead of rightly looking up "carpet cleaning near me," you may be tempted to try DIY methods, but these methods are often arduous and results are generally not optimal. Call us instead, your non-toxic carpet and upholstery cleaner professional to completely deep clean your space quickly and effectively using the best rug cleaner tools, products, and methods.

At PristineGreen Cleaning, we use the most advanced machines, tools (including the time-tested carpet hot water extractor), and green chemicals for carpet cleaning services to ensure a top-notch result without you breaking the bank. Some carpet cleaning companies may use products like low-grade spot cleaners that leave residue after cleaning that can lead to quick re-soiling. In addition, without the proper machines and power, improper cleaning can cause dirt and debris to dig deep into the fibers of the carpet, making its proper extraction very difficult. That’s why we recommend regular maintenance of your carpets with carpet shampooing, steam cleaning, or deep cleaning with a professional rug cleaning service like PristineGreen’s to ensure a healthy carpet and hygienic living space.

Staining from Spills

Spilled water may initially seem like it’s creating a “water stain,” or “water mark,” but what is actually happening is that dirt that has worked its way into your carpet, couch, chair, or mattress has been lifted by the water and is now pooling around the edges, causing what appears to be a stain. Contact us for regular carpet steam cleaning, sofa cleaning service, and upholstery steam cleaner services to prevent dirt buildup on your furniture and rugs, keeping them sparkling clean. We also offer mattress steam cleaner services for those in need.

Carpet Stain Removal 

Whether a stain can be removed depends on what liquid caused the stain, how long it has been resting in the fibers of the carpet or fabric, and the material of the carpet. Some fabrics and carpets release soils and oils much easier than others, like microfiber or synthetic carpet, whereas natural fibers like cotton, wool, and silk can be trickier. Whatever the case, our technicians, trained in deep carpet cleaning and carpet shampooing, are highly trained to determine which non-toxic chemical and cleaning method to use to remove the most stubborn of stains, including cleaning dog urine stains, coffee stains, wine stains, ink stains, and much more. This expertise has ranked us as one of the best rug and carpet cleaning companies in NYC.

Deodorization and Elimination of Odors

Odors can really make enjoying your furniture or rugs difficult. Maybe it was a smell from pet stains or urine (which off-the-counter pet stain removers can have difficulty with) or perhaps your young child vomiting on the couch. Maybe it was simply just years of wear and tear that has now made your furniture smelling a little off and musty. Odors can come from a variety of sources, but the most common is from bacteria. At PristineGreen, we use special non-toxic products to deodorize and sanitize your sofas, rugs, armchairs, dog beds, and more to bring them back to smelling fresh and neutral.

Call PristineGreen today to learn how we are a cut above the rest, while only using green and non-toxic products, while still offering a superior clean. Call now to talk to us about how we can bring our expertise into your home and make it Pristine!

Dust Mite Removal

For some, dust mites are inconsequential, while for others, they can pose big problems like itchiness on the skin and allergic reactions. Whatever the case, having a hygienic home does not include them in the picture. Regular carpet cleaning services, rug shampooing, and carpet steam cleaning/sanitizing, all with non-toxic products, will ensure that dust mites won’t be causing havoc in your home. Call us today to learn more about how we take special precautions to get rid of dust mites in your carpet.

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