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Bed Bug Removal Services

Bed bugs are unfortunately a commonplace occurrence in NYC apartments and homes. What’s worse is getting rid of bed bugs is often an ordeal. The little bugs infest mattress and soft furnishings, come out at night, and feed on the residents to grow their colonies. At PristineGreen, we offer bed bug treatments in NYC for your soft furnishings, to ensure your furniture is bed-bug free! 

Bed Bug Treatment in NYC

If you have bed bugs in your home, you have probably called a professional exterminator to spray your apartment and completely kill the pests. Yet did you know that they may still be living in your mattress, couches, and carpets and they need to be professionally cleaned? Even if the exterminator’s chemical did reach the crevices of your furniture, there could be thousands of dead bed bugs with their excrement and casings living in the corners of your furniture. Our bed bug treatment in NYC deep cleans all our furniture and ensures that all the bed bugs are killed and all their droppings are removed. 

Bed Bug Carpet Cleaning Service

After the extermination process of killing the bed bugs in your apartment, it is wise to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Not only can bed bugs still be living in the depths of the pile of your carpet, their excrement and casings may be nestled in there as well. Our professional bed bug removal service deep cleans your carpets to remove any traces of bed bugs and their droppings using hot water and steam. Our process ensures that all bed bugs are safely removed from your carpets. 

Need Bed Bug Treatment in NYC?

As a bed bug removal company, we offer bed bug treatment servicesl in all of NYC including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. We also serve New Jersey and Long Island. If you need a bed bug cleaning service in NYC, give us a call today or book a quote online! 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about Bed Bug Removal Services

Professional cleaning is crucial to remove dead bed bugs, their excrement, and casings from mattresses, couches, and carpets where they may still reside.

Yes, bed bugs can continue to inhabit the crevices of furniture and the depths of carpet piles even after chemical extermination treatments.

It includes deep cleaning of furniture and carpets to ensure all remnants of bed bugs, including dead ones and their droppings, are completely eliminated.

Bed bugs are a common issue in NYC, infesting soft furnishings and feeding on residents at night, making their eradication a significant concern.

Signs include seeing bed bugs themselves, noticing their excrement, or finding their casings in the corners and crevices of furniture and carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning uses hot water and steam to remove any traces of bed bugs and their droppings, ensuring carpets are free from infestation.

If bed bugs are suspected, it's advised to seek professional cleaning services specifically designed to treat bed bug infestations in soft furnishings.

Exterminator chemicals may not reach all the crevices in furniture where bed bugs hide, leaving some alive or leaving behind debris from dead bugs.

Residents should consider both extermination and professional cleaning services to ensure a comprehensive approach to removing bed bugs from their homes.

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