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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental or Persian rugs are treasured assets in one's home décor. Often handmade in far away countries, the rugs represent a timeless tradition and cultural art.  Oriental and Persian rugs are often made with high quality materials like wool or silk that require regular deep cleaning to preserve its feel, color, and cleanliness. At PristineGreen, we have a top-of-the-line cleaning facility that can fulfill all your oriental and Persian rug cleaning needs. Whether you Persian rug cleaning, Chinese rug cleaning, or generic oriental rug washing, we have all the tools and techniques to maintain, clean, and preserve your beloved investments.

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Oriental Carpet Cleaning Process

Oriental rugs can be cleaned in two ways, either in the home using steam cleaning or at a facility in a pool. There are pros and cons to each to which we will explain.

At Home Oriental Rug Cleaning

If your antique rugs or oriental rugs are made from common, water resistant fabrics like cotton or wool, you can have your rugs cleaned in your home. We offer in-home oriental rug steam cleaning in which we wet-clean the rug right on your home’s floor. This rug shampoo effectively cleans the fibers of the carpet, removing stains and dirt. This is a great option for an individual who wants their oriental or Persian rugs cleaned fast, effectively, and for a lesser price.  The negative of at-home steam cleaning is that the backing of the rug is not cleaned, only the top fibers. This can be an issue if you wish to clean a stain, like from a pet accident, that has seeped into the backing.

Take-Away Oriental Rug Cleaning

We recommend a facility clean for high-end rugs, true Oriental or Persian rugs, antique or vintage rugs, handmade rugs,  or rugs that you cherish and want to have an incredibly thorough clean. The key difference between in-home and a facility clean is that in a facility, the rug is cleaned from top to bottom, including the backing, whereas in-home only cleans the surface.

Rug Pickup

For off-site cleaning, we come to your home and roll the rug up from your home’s floor and seal it in a plastic rug bag. No heavy lifting for you. We then transport the rug to our state of the art facility which has special oriental rug cleaning machines and chemicals.


Initially, before your rug gets wet, we put the carpet through our dusting machines which removes as much dry dust and dirt particles as possible through gentle batting.

Stain Pre-Treatment

Then, we pretreat your rug depending on its issues. If there are smells, we apply a deodorizer. If there are urine stains, we treat those as well. Whatever your rug needs, we’ve got you covered.

Hand Wash

Then, we then place your rug in a shallow pool and wash the rug by hand ensuring a deep, sudsy clean, All the fibers are exposed to shampoo and agitation ensures that all soils are emulsified. 


Then, we rinse the rug manually using fresh water to remove any loosened dirt and stains. We squeegee the rug and repeat this step until the water is clean coming out of the rug. 


We put the rug in a professional centrifuge that removes any excess dirt and moisture. This step, only available at a high-end facility, ensures that the rug is quickly dried and doesn't encounter any issues of over-wetting which is especially important for fabrics like soil and art silk. 

Spot Check

If any stains remain, we spot treat the stains using special stain removers. If the stain is identified as permenant, we we have to use a color restoration treatment in order to make the stain dissapear. 

Hang Dry

Finally, we hang dry your rug in a climate controlled environment. During this time, we also brush the fibers of your rug to ensure ultimate feel, fluffiness, and uniformity.

Free Delivery

Finally, our technicians deliver the rug back to your home and unravel it where it originally was placed.

Other Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

Antique Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs can last a long time, and many of  them achieve the “antique” status after 50+ years of life. Oriental rugs hold up well over time, but special care when cleaning is required as they come into old age. Our facility offers antique oriental rug cleaning services that gently cleans the rugs without damaging them. We also offer rug repair services, like patching hole repair, re-fringing, reweaving, and more if needed. 

Silk Rug Cleaning

We offer specialized silk rug cleaning  in Manhattan, and all the other boroughs of NYC as well. We use special cleaning chemicals and methods to ensure that the silk fibers are not damaged and retain their luxurious feel. If the rug is damaged, we also offer area rug repair services for silk rugs. 

Chinese Art Deco Rug Cleaning

Chinese Art Deco rugs are surprisingly popular in NYC and we often have customers call us to clean them. These rugs can be made of either wool or silk and are handmade. We use our time-tested hand rug cleaning process in our state-of-the-art facility to deep clean your Chinese Art Deco rug and restore its color, luster, and texture. 

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