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Area Rug Repair

Area rugs, whether they are oriental rugspersian rugs, just ordinary area rugs, require repairs and maintenance over time as they age. Sometimes freak accidents happen as well, like water damage, that need special repairs and services. Whatever the issue, PristineGreen has a variety of area rug repair services that accommodate any and all of your needs. 

Types of Repair Services

Color Fading

Many area rugs are either oriental or persian and are made of wool, dyed with natural dyes which are susceptible to damage from the sun’s UV rays. In time, the sun’s UV rays damage the dyes which leads to color fading. At PristineGreen, we offer color restoration services for these rugs. We color match the new dyes to the old surrounding colors of the rug’s pattern to ensure a seamless integration. Furthermore, the dyes we set will not bleed so your colors will remain vibrant even after subsequent cleanings. 


Due to wear and tear, or drying out of the carpet over time, patches, rips and holes can develop on your area rug. PristineGreen offers area rug reweaving services that seamlessly restore these holes with matching yarn, color pattern, and knots. Our technicians which accomplish this procedure are highly trained with years of experience. It is an art. Once the patching is complete, there will be no way of telling the difference between the old sections of the rug, and the new one. 


Fringes are often one of the first parts of an area rug to need maintenance. The fringes are the end pieces of a hand-made rug that keeps the fibers from unraveling. Our fringe repair service tucks away the old fringes, which often can wear away to just stubble, and sews on a fresh new pair of fringes, giving your area rug a major facelift. To match the styling, we can also tea-dye your fringes to an off-white, instead of bright white, so that they match the age of your rug. 

Moth Infestation Removal

Area rugs, especially those which are persian and oriental, are made from natural fibers like wool and silk. Moths love to eat these fibers infest the rug with larvae, leaving holes and stubble, and can be a long lasting problem if they are not totally eliminated. PristineGreen offers moth infestation removal services which will totally eliminate moth larvae from every corner of your rug. In addition, we can reweave and restore any parts of the rug that were eaten and destroyed.

Water Damage

When floods happen for whatever reason, area rugs can be affected and need proper remediation. Besides soaking the rug with dirty water, water damage can cause mold to grow on the carpet which can quickly deteriorate the integrity of its natural fibers. Homeowners are often not equipped to properly dry these rugs once saturated which will cause these bacterias to grow, leading ro rug damage and intense odor. PristineGreen offers water damage restoration with special services for area rugs affected with water damage to remove all mold and dirty water, and return them to original beautiful condition. 

Area Rug Repair in NYC

Are you in NYC and need area rug restoration? PristineGreen offers its area rug repair and restoration to all five boroughs of NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. We even offer our services to Long Island and New Jersey. Whatever issue you have, wherever you live, we are your #1 go-to for area rug repair near you!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about Area Rug Repair

Color fading in area rugs, particularly those made from wool and dyed with natural dyes, is often due to damage from the sun’s UV rays.

Color restoration involves matching new dyes to the rug's existing colors to ensure seamless integration and setting the dyes to prevent bleeding.

Reweaving addresses patches, rips, and holes in area rugs by restoring these areas with matching yarn, color pattern, and knots.

Refringing repairs or replaces worn or damaged fringes on hand-made rugs to prevent unraveling and to refresh the rug’s appearance.

Moth infestation removal services eliminate larvae from the rug and can include reweaving damaged areas to restore the rug.

Water damage can soak the rug with dirty water and promote mold growth, deteriorating the rug's natural fibers and causing odors.

Special services for water-damaged rugs remove mold, dirty water, and restore the rug to its original condition.

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