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Area Rug Repair Services

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Area Rug Repair Services

Moth damage is one of the most common concerns that our professional technicians are called to address. Carpet moths and other moth species that feed on protein-based fabrics like cotton, wool, and silk are among the most annoying, damaging, and stubborn insects to get rid of. Simply rug cleaning will not solve the problem.

The Life Stages of Moths and Their Development

With a broad spectrum of rug repair services, PristineGreen Cleaning can help, whether you're trying to fix your beloved oriental carpet or a precious ancestral rug. We are a privately held company that has been providing rug repair services. Our services include stain removal, burn damage, fraying, and discoloration. We'll re-weave, mend, and restore your rug so you may keep enjoying it for many years to come. Our team of experts will bring back your valuable carpets to their original quality.

We are glad to provide our customers in NY with a full range of carpet care services at area rug repair, including all-natural upholstery cleaning solutions, green carpet and rug cleaning, and rug repair. We feel that what makes us different from competitors in New York City is our understanding that rug repair and restoration is a time-honored craft not available at the average carpet maintenance company.

We take great pride in providing exceptional rug restoration services, and our highly skilled professionals are eager to assist you. A rug repair professional will visit your home or place of business once you've scheduled an appointment with one of our experienced customer service officials, and they will offer you a free, no-obligation quote. Additionally, we provide plenty of cost-saving advantages, such as free pickup and delivery.

Area Rug Repair

Are you trying to get reputable and skilled Oriental rug repair in New York City? Look no further than PristineGreen Cleaning! Our highly trained professionals specialize in a wide range of area rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services including braided rug repair, wool rug repair, and meticulous repair area rug backing at reasonable costs delivering excellent results. Give us a call now and we'll help you repair your worn-out or unclean carpets for a little portion of the cost of new ones.

We excel in area rug repair, thorough cleaning, deodorizing, or pet stain treatment. Whether your family has had a woven area rug or carpet for many years or you paid a high amount for it yourself, we can repair any kind of weave. We can restore the aged elegance and allure of your cherished carpets, support the preservation of their longevity and style, and keep their market worth.

Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair

We deal with all known varieties of Oriental rugs, including Turkish, Persian, Chinese, and Art Deco carpets made of wool, silk, or synthetic or natural materials. If you’re in search of specific service, such as oriental rug restoration or turkish rug repair, our dedicated customer service representatives are just a call away. We would be pleased to help and address your oriental rug cleaning queries or worries you may have. In addition, we repair torn rugs, eliminate stains, and help you get rid of unpleasant pet odors and spills.

The majority of Oriental rugs that we work with are hand-knotted and hand-woven using natural fibers. This implies that they need unique cleaning methods that won't harm the delicate fibers, as well as fixes for knots and piking. Certain carpets have complicated patterns, and natural colors made using either synthetic or natural materials. This implies that while they are being washed and dried, more care must be taken. We can restore your filthy and damaged Oriental rugs to their former appearance since we are professionals in steam cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning processes, among other cleaning techniques.

Rug Cleaning and Repair

The most delicate hand-knotting skills have been thoroughly examined and evaluated by each of our professionals who expertise in Oriental rug cleaning services in NYC. Along with being knowledgeable about a range of carpet reconstruction techniques and fiber types, they also investigated the various kinds of dyes and dyeing technologies used for painting these carpets.

Remember that not all Oriental rug cleaners you discover on the market today are qualified to assist you and that this kind of research typically takes years and sophisticated expertise. It is highly recommended that you select our services if you're searching for professional oriental area rug repair service.. Our expertise include rug patch service, area rug binding repair, throw rug repair, area rug fringe repair, carpet frayed edges restoration and rug corner repair.

In order to begin the repair procedure, we will first use commercial-grade vacuum cleaners to remove dirt and mend any damaged fringes on your rugs. After that, we will dry the rug and use the appropriate yarning techniques to cure any holes, tears, or other repairs. Specialized tools, which are only possessed and utilized by professionals, can be utilized to do certain tasks, including end repairs. In order to secure the edge of any handmade or flat oriental rug that you possess and require repairs, we will first use some basic wrapping techniques with a few strands along the edge. To give the edges back their original shape, we will then continue to trim and buff them.

Our specialists will use hand stitches to tie the edges throughout side repair procedures to prevent tearing. Different stitches are needed for different carpets. After carefully examining the rug's place of origin, our professionals will select the safest and most effective area rug cleaning technique. In order to prevent any more fraying, they will also employ a fabric binding. A unique treatment is often provided for handcrafted carpets.

To precisely match the original rug colors in the damaged and repairable places, tears and holes are repaired by first detaching the backing and then combining different strands of yarn. To properly reweave the damaged carpets, our professionals will additionally apply adhesives to the rug's back and then utilize silk, wool, or cotton. Additionally, they will fix any holes in the carpets.

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