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Pet Stains and Odor Cleaning

We all love our pets but sometimes they make a mess on couches, upholstery, carpets, and area rugs. In these moments, it's time to act fast so that their stains don't settle in and smells don't pollute the air quality in the house. PristineGreen understands that pet owners care for their furry friends like children and we use non-toxic products (best pet stain and odor removers) to ensure that any furniture cleaning or area rug cleaning is done both thoroughly and safely. When accidents happen, it's best to call a professional carpet cleaner who can utilize pet stain removers or a urine cleaner to address the immediate mess.

Some stains are easy to clean up but others are difficult. Cat urine stains, for instance, can be particularly stinky and can linger in fabric no matter how hard you try to clean the cushion yourself (even with one of those over-the-counter cat urine carpet cleaners). Other messes like dog vomit are easy to clean but without the proper tools can leave a mark on your textile as the acid in the bile can actually stain fabric. Whatever the issue be, PristineGreen has both the tools, products, and expertise to get the job done perfectly and safely! Our team utilizes the best methods and products, including dog enzyme cleaners and pet odor eliminator sprays, to tackle any job.

When dealing with any type of pet stain on your upholstery, it's important to call a professional carpet cleaner quickly as almost all pet stains and odors require immediate attention or staining may happen. Pet urine stains, if left untreated for weeks to months can become permanent in fabric. If you're wondering how to get old dog urine stains out of carpet, we do have protocols for those situations. Luckily no matter how long you wait for smells, they can most often be removed but who wants to live with stinky smells!

Pet Hair Removal - We all love our pets but they sometimes leave a lot of hair around making a huge mess! When these hairs accumulate on the couch or armchair, they can be very difficult to remove as the hairs embed themselves in the fabric. It's best to call us, professional carpet cleaners to professionally remove these hairs leaving your upholstery pristine and clean!

Stain Removal - We use special green stain removing formulas that have been certified by the US EPA as part of their “Safer Choice” program to clean the toughest of stains with great results! Whether it is a cat urine stain or dog vomit issue or others, we have a solution for you! Even if you're trying to remove pet odor from carpets and need a pet urine odor eliminator, we have solutions tailored for you as well.

Odor Removal and Deodorizing - Just like us, our pets have their favorite spot on a piece of furniture, whether it be that couch cushion, that armchair, or that spot on the mattresses. For those wondering how to get dog smell out of carpet or how to neutralize dog urine, it is true that it can be a real challenge. His or her cute feline or canine body over time leaves oils and hair which can create an odor that just won’t go away. That’s why we recommend having regular cleanings if you own a pet, cat or dog, to ensure your home remains odor free, sanitized, and clean with our hair removal and deodorizing services. Furthermore, some cat excretions have hormones and pheromones which are meant to be extremely smelly. These can be nearly impossible for the DIY homeowner to remove from carpet or upholstery. We use specialized products to tackle these types of pet odor smells with great success. If you've struggled with how to get pet odor out of carpet or tried every pet odor eliminator home remedy with little success, we're here to help.

Call PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet cleaning today to learn how we can bring your upholstery back to new with your green products and deep cleaning shampoos and steam cleanings. From pet odor removal to pet stain removal (including dog urine or cat urine removal), we're equipped with the fastest and safest way to resolve all your pet-related issues.

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