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Auto Interior Cleaning

If you are looking for mobile interior auto detailing, then you have come to the right place! PristineGreen cleaning specializes in  upholstery cleaning in your car, transforming your car's interior from dirty, smelly, and full of stains, to clean, hygienic, and smelling fresh! And it’s mobile, we come to you! Our mobile auto detailing service is available in all five boroughs of NYC including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. We use professional upholstery cleaning machines and products to give you an incredibly deep steam cleaning for your car’s interior.

What We Clean

Stains We Clean

Vehicle Interior Detailing Process

Steam Cleaning

We use professional upholstery cleaning tools to give the interior of your car a deep steam cleaning and shampoo. Essentially, we are doing professional upholstery cleaning in your car. This process removes years of dirt, stains, and smells. Car fabric interior is usually made of synthetic fibers which release stains easily.

Deodorization and Sanitization

What Causes Smells:

 Our deodorization process kills the smell at the source. After removing as much of the odor causing material as possible we use specialized and safe odor killing products that eliminate the smelly molecules so the smell doesn’t come back. We eliminate smells, not mask them! For cigarette smoke smells, we offer thermal fogging of your car which works wonders to eliminate the smelly particles at a micron level, in all the nooks and crannies of your car. 

Mobile Interior Car Detailing

Our service is totally mobile! Yes, we come to you! We can come to your location, whether it be simply street parking, your home’s garage, or even your office parking. We bring all the tools necessary to perform mobile upholstery cleaning in your car without compromising quality. Worried we might cause a commotion in your office’s parking lot? Don’t worry, our tools aren’t even that loud!

Car Seat Upholstery Cleaning

Our little ones often make messes in their car seats which can pose issues as these seats often have many crevices making it hard for a proper cleanup. Furthermore, they have upholstered cushions which absorb milk, juices, and sometimes vomit. Call us for a deep car seat shampoo which will remove all of these absorbed substances so your loved ones can ride in cleanliness and safety.

Green Car Interior Detailing

We offer green cleaning for your car’s interior. We only use products that have been certified by the US EPA as “Safer Choice” for our interior car wash service. This means if you often carry children or pets, you can feel assured that there will not be any fumes or smells after the cleaning that could harm your loved ones like store-bought automotive seat cleaners. In addition, our hot water extraction process removes 90-95% of allergens living in your car’s upholstery, dramatically improving the smell and indoor air quality of your vehicle.

At PristineGreen, we are your car cleaner for interior detailing! We offer unmatched car shampoo services that will leave your car’s interior feeling so fresh! Book your appointment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about Auto Interior Cleaning

Professional car interior cleaners can remove various stains including food stains, water marks, oil marks, spilled milk, spilled juice, vomit, pet stains, and pet hair.

Professional upholstery cleaning generally involves using machines and tools that perform deep steam cleaning and shampooing to thoroughly clean car interiors.

The deodorization process in car interior cleaning usually involves removing as much of the odor-causing material as possible and then using specialized products that neutralize odors at their source.

Mobile car cleaning services can typically clean your car's interior at your home or workplace without causing any disturbance, providing convenience and flexibility.

Services that opt for EPA-certified “Safer Choice” products are regarded as safe for use around children and pets.

Steam cleaning is effective in removing years of accumulated dirt, stains, and odors, especially from synthetic fibers commonly used in car fabrics, which are prone to releasing stains more easily.

A comprehensive interior cleaning service includes the front and back seats, carpets, mats, headliners, trunk, children’s car seats, dashboard, cup holder, center console, and doors.

Techniques such as thermal fogging are often used to effectively remove stubborn odors like cigarette smoke by targeting smelly particles on a micron level throughout the car's interior.

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