What Are the Different Types of Area Rugs?


Everybody needs a rug in their home. Area rugs have a special way of bringing together all the elements in a room, so ensuring rug stain removal NYC, every once in a while, is definitely worth the effort.

Area rugs are usually placed on hard surface floors such as hardwood, laminate, or tile, but can also be laid over carpeting or displayed on walls.

Why Use Area Rugs in Your Home?

There are multiple benefits of using area rugs in a home or an office, including:

Reducing noise

Area rugs reduce noise in a space as it is quieter to walk on a carpet or rug compared to walking on a hard surface floor. Moreover, rugs are able to absorb sound from the air and help to eliminate echo.

Enjoying increased comfort

A rug or a carpet is definitely softer than hardwood or tile floors and you can comfortably sit on the floor when using a rug. The softness of carpets allows them to absorb the impact of footsteps and if someone falls in the floor (a young child, for instance), the impact is less painful.

Insulating the floor

Rugs make floors warmer and the effect is stronger when a pad is placed under the rug. If you want to enjoy insulation by using rugs, opt for rugs made from wool that absorb warmth and avoid viscose and other synthetic materials that have a cold feel.

Helping with interior design

As stated at the beginning of this article, area rugs can bring together all the different elements in a room and break up the monotony of laminate floors. Area rugs can also be thrown on carpets, and choosing contrasting colors helps to brighten the look of a room and create accents of color. Rugs can be used to divide a room into different areas and create a theme.

Being versatile and mobile

If carpets are more difficult to replace, rugs can be moved around the room and used to change your décor as often as you please.

Being easy to clean

Have your pets messed up a rug or children have displayed their artistic talents on it? You can easily remove an area rug and take it to an area rug cleaning NY service, without needing to use steam cleaning NY equipment or dry cleaning on the spot.

What Are the Different Types of Area Rugs?

As part of our area rug cleaning NY services, we have been working with the following types of area rugs:

Persian rugs

Highly regarded for their quality and durability, they can be enjoyed for multiple generations and can increase in worth if properly maintained.

Oriental rugs

Oriental rugs are back in style and can find their place in any contemporary room. Mixing modern furniture with traditional rugs is used in order to achieve a transitional, eclectic, or mid-century modern look.

Braided area rugs

These rustic rugs are the perfect option for the kitchen area on condition they are washable and stain-proof.

Tibetan area rugs

These are among the most luxurious and expensive rugs as they are meticulously hand-crafted from wool and silk.

Shag area rugs or flokati area rugs

Flokati rugs used to be fashioned from goat hair and featured long strands. This popular style spread to the Middle East and was often used to decorate royal palaces.

What Is Included in Area Rug Cleaning?

Depending on the type of area rug, the cleaning process includes, more or less, the following steps:

Assessing the rug

Before we start any area rug cleaning NY job, we make sure we know what type of rug we are working with. We look at the type of fibers, care instructions, the condition of the carpet, customer requirements (some customers may be allergic to certain cleaning products), etc. and we ultimately make the right cleaning decision.


Any rug needs to be vacuumed thoroughly to eliminate debris and dust from it. We use a nozzle attachment and avoid the beating bar as it can damage rugs, and pay extra attention to delicate or damaged rugs.

Washing or dry-cleaning

Depending on the type of fiber the rug is made from, we choose between washing, steam cleaning NY, and dry cleaning. Some rugs, such as those made from jute, cannot be washed at all or they will be destroyed.

Stain removal

Making sure the rug is clean and sanitized is not enough without proper rug stain removal NYC. Depending on the type and severity of the stain, we select the right cleaning method and try to restore the rug to its original glory.


If the rug has been washed, we allow it to air dry until it can be replaced to its original spot without the slightest trace of dampness.

Area rug repairs

Sometimes area rugs can be damaged by intense foot traffic, pests, accidents, and other factors. On the client’s request and at our recommendation we also ensure area rug repair services, such as re-fringing, re-weaving, and patching. Repairs are an affordable and convenient way to keep enjoying your area rug without having to purchase a new one.

When it comes to area rugs and carpets, PristineGreen Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning knows it all! No matter what your area rug needs, from rug stain removal NYC to restoration services, contact us without the slightest worry at 347-871-6530 for a free, no-obligation quote⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠.

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