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Oriental rugs and Persian carpets add color and splendor to any home. These highly decorated expensive furnishings are made from exquisite natural materials such as vintage silks, and delicate wools and are highly prized and highly collectible.  Because of the value and materials of an oriental carpet or rug, Oriental rug cleaning is a highly specialized service; if rug cleaning isn’t carried out correctly it could cause thousands of dollars of damage.

So when it comes to finding Oriental rug cleaning near me, we need to be confident that a carpet cleaning company will deliver top-class results without damaging any prized Oriental rugs and carpets. 

Oriental rugs and Persian carpets are valuable

Oriental rugs, Persian carpets, and rugs from Turkey and Nepal are handmade or woven on a loom. Often each rug will have taken many hours to create using traditional methods of manufacture which have been highly prized around the world for centuries.  Oriental rugs and Persian carpets can be some of the most expensive forms of carpeting in the world. 

Depending upon the size, age and provenance, you can easily pay around $20,000 for a vintage Persian rug, and although not all hand made oriental rugs or Persian carpets may reach this price, if you have an Oriental rug or Persian carpet in your home it will likely have cost far more than a modern mass-produced equivalent.

Oriental rug cleaning is a specialized cleaning service 

However carefully you treat your oriental carpet, accidents do happen. Drinks and food can be spilled on the carpet causing staining and if you have pets, sooner or later pet staining is inevitable. 

This means that if your rug suffers any form of staining you will need to clean it. And if your rug becomes dirty and discolored over time, cleaning will rejuvenate tired colors and so bring it back to the top condition you can be proud of. 

The problem with cleaning oriental rugs 

The problem with cleaning Oriental rugs and Persian carpets are that these sophisticated carpets are extremely easy to damage by cleaning so you do need an expert oriental carpet cleaning specialist who completely understands how to do this safely.

 Finding professional Oriental rug cleaning near me is often a problem because many carpet cleaning companies lack the professional expertise to deal with these valuable furnishings. 

Many owners struggle with the dilemma of either leaving the carpet dull, discolored, and dirty for fear of ruining the delicate texture or risking likely damage caused by the cleaning process.  

And if a wine stain or other spillage stains the carpet, it may be tempting to try and remove it yourself by spot cleaning the area. This is a mistake. Unless you know how to go about this safely, you risk removing the color and spreading the stain, which can spoil the whole appearance of your oriental rug and depreciate the value. 

How to keep oriental rugs clean? 

Regular vacuuming helps remove surface dust and dirt. Adding baking soda to the carpet and then vacuuming it off will also help keep the colors bright and new and can be effective in some cases. 

However, for carpet staining, you need to be extremely careful.

 Some rug materials can be spot cleaned with cold water and adding white vinegar may be suitable too. However, adding liquid and rubbing a stain may cause the stain to spread and if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, you could make the appearance of a stain far worse and may cause lasting damage to the delicate fabrics of an Oriental rug. 

The safest way to clean an Oriental rug or Persian carpet is to hand your precious rug over to a professional service. 

PristineGreen Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

Pristine Green Oriental Rug cleaning service is a specialist carpet cleaning company that delivers perfect cleaning results for any Oriental rug, Persian Carpet, or any other delicate handmade carpet.

We understand the problems of cleaning delicate expensive carpets and rugs and can undertake even the most challenging aspects of working with expensive vintage and irreplaceable materials. 

At Pristine Green Services we treat your furnishings with the respect they deserve and will carefully apply our non-toxic, safe cleaning materials slowly and safely to your valuable Oriental rug or Persian carpet. This is a slow process carried out with painstaking attention to detail by our team of specialist technicians. 

For you the customer it is easy. Pristine Green Services is your local drop-off rug cleaning service and will come to your home to collect your Oriental rug.  We take it back to our workshop where we can apply the right specialist cleaning chemicals and techniques to gently restore the bright natural colors. 

Our cleaning techniques are gentle and effective. Oriental carpet cleaning is good for the carpet’s longevity as it ensures that your carpet stays in fantastic condition and feels as soft and luxurious as it looks for years to come. 

Once the cleaning has been fully completed we will return the carpet to your home two weeks later. Pick up and drop off is free, so there are no hidden extras to the service. 

PristineGreen Cleaning Services is a company you can trust

Pristine Green Cleaning Services is a boutique company based in Brooklyn New York, covering all districts and areas including NYC, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Long Island. Because we are a local company cleaning service, we offer a personal service to each customer and are extremely proud of our growing reputation of excellence. 

PristineGreen Cleaning Services has a wide variety of customers of all types. We regularly service some of the best hotels in New York but are equally committed to carrying out any type of cleaning service for private customers whatever they may need and whenever they need it. 

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