Best Tips For Proper Area Rug Cleaning

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Learn about the best tips for area rug cleaning that will keep your home rugs looking fresh and clean.

Area rugs are great to beautify a room by adding lovely designs and color. However, the prime difficulty that most homeowners face is the stains and odor on the area rugs.

Simply cleaning or vacuuming does not make it properly clean and hygienic. Proper maintenance and cleaning process needs to be followed for the preservation of overall appearance and quality of area rugs.

How to clean and take care of your rug:

Regular maintenance

Area rugs need regular maintenance to maintain the beauty and life of area rugs. Just like any other decorative item at your home, area rugs also need timely cleaning and maintenance. Spot clean, vacuum and remove shoes before walking on area rugs. Although they seem like small steps, they can have a huge impact on the appearance of your area rugs. Along with this, routine professional cleaning keeps area rugs clean and fresh.

Cleaning methods

There is a wide range of fibers used for the manufacturing of area rugs. This is the reason that not all area rug cleaning methods are suitable for every kind of rugs. Before deciding to clean area rugs on your home, make sure to understand the rug you own so you can clean it well. You can also review the cleaning information on the tag to familiarize yourself with the best methods for area rug cleaning. If unsure, professional help is preferable to cleaning them at home.

Cleaning synthetic area rugs

The small synthetic area rugs can be cleaned simply with washer using cool water and mild detergent. The synthetic area rugs are usually sturdier than the other fibers, so it is recommended to run a delicate or gentle cycle and spin slowly. Using high speed spin may leave the fibers damaged during cleaning. For the large or oversized rugs, bathtubs can be used for cleaning. You may choose to fill half tub with cool water and approximately a half cup of detergent. Make sure that you are cleaning only one rug at a time by submerging it in water and gently agitating it. When drying the area rug, be sure to leave it in a well ventilated place, preferably with fans to quicken the drying process as to avoid mold growing in the carpet.

Cleaning wool and silk rugs

Area rugs with wool and silk fibers are very delicate and hence special care must be used while cleaning. It is often recommended to let a professional area rug cleaning expert handle the task as they are equipped with all the required tools, equipment and cleaning materials to give these area rugs a safe and thorough deep cleaning.

Test your shampoos

Before you start using any shampoo or detergent on the area rugs, make sure to test it. You can apply some shampoo to a small corner or patch of the rug, mix in some water, and let it settle for a few hours. Wash the spot using water to check if there is any color damage or fiber damage. The first preference shall be given only to the cleaning products that are recommended by the manufacturer. Don’t try to make your own diy rug cleaner as it may leave your area rug damaged badly.

Careful maintenance and timely area rug cleaning is essential for proper appearance of the rug. If you are not sure about the proper process, let the team of expert area rug cleaners handle it for you. Call us now to get a free estimate!

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