What Is Rug Re-Fringing and What You Should Know About It


Have you noticed lately that your rug fringe is fraying? Worried that your oriental rug can no longer be used and you will have to give up on a beloved family heirloom? Don’t hurry to discard your area rug! Rug Re-Fringing Services NYC can give your rug a second chance and even make it look as good as new when completed with a careful area rug cleaning session. Stay with us for additional information on what causes your rug to fall apart, how you can prevent it, and, more importantly, how you can fix this.

What Are Fringes?

Fringes, also known as tassels, are the foundation that the rug is woven onto. They are a key part of the rug itself and not just a decorative addition. The fringes are just the ends of strands of wool or silk that knots are tied around to create the rug – those strands are like the skeleton of the rug.

Fringes are usually white and can get filthy very fast. Rug owners often expect to get perfectly white fringes, which makes this part of the rug the most laborious to clean.

In new rugs, fringes are long and sometimes can bother owners. In older rugs, they are shorter due to wear and tear. Problems start to emerge when the fringe tassels untie or are so worn off that the rug starts to pull away and unravel.

What Causes Damage to Rug Fringes?

There are several factors that cause damage to rug fringes. One of them lies in a part of the manufacturing process: bleaching the fringes. This whitening process makes fringes look great when the rug is new, but there are two downsides to this practice. On the one hand, fibers are weakened by bleach and oxidizers and become frail sooner. On the other hand, a rug with strongly bleached fringes will look unclean sooner because dirt is more easily noticed on very white fringes.

Next, aggressive cleaning methods can damage fringes, such as vacuum cleaning or bleaching by over-zealous rug cleaners. General foot-traffic and pets also have a negative impact on rug fringes.

Lately, a common practice performed by rug owners can damage fringes and consequently the rug. Instead of calling Loose Rug Fringe Repairs NYC services, some people cut fringes too short because they are bothering them or getting in their way, and the rug can start to unravel as a result.

How Can You Prevent Rug Fringe Damage?

The world of oriental rug owners is divided in two: some people like fringes and prefer to see them fully displayed, while others prefer to hide them. Doing like the second category of rug owners is also a method for maintaining them in good condition for longer.

Hiding the fringe means that the fringe stays attached to your rug, but is secured underneath the rug or wrapped in wool binding. This method prevents fringes from unraveling and ruining the beautiful aspect of your rug. It is not recommended to have the tassels secured beneath the rug using masking tape but to have them bound by a professional rug cleaning company⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ to avoid deterioration.

When it comes to vacuuming, use the nozzle attachment to eliminate dirt and debris and avoid beater bar accessories as they pull and shred the fringe.

Wipe and dry spills as soon as they happen so they don’t spread to fringes. Before applying any cleaning solution to the rug, read cleaning directions.

What Is Included in Rug Re-Fringing Services NYC?

Looking for Expert Rug Binding In NY? This service can restore your rug to its original state, albeit at higher costs, or find more affordable solutions that still look good and expand your rug’s lifespan. Here is what you should expect when opting for Loose Rug Fringe Repairs NYC:

  • Grooming and straightening long and tangled fringes
  • Trimming long fringes
  • Lightening fringes back to their original color and removing stains
  • Removing deteriorated fringes and applying new ones
  • Adding new fringes when the old ones cannot be saved

An Expert Rug Binding in NY will only remove the minimum amount of thread necessary to attach the fringe and will overcast the edges to prevent further unraveling.

Before choosing a certain restoration technique, the expert will assess the rug and determine which type of fringe will complement it best, considering the rug’s country of origin, age, materials and colors. For instance, fringes may need to be dyed to match the age of a finely woven, antique rug.

Practices You Should Avoid

Aside from cutting your rug’s fringes too short at home, there are several other bad ideas when it comes to managing rug fringes:

Taping fringes down with duct tape

This is often done by rug owners who want to hide fringes, but is not recommended because of the residue that is almost impossible to wash out.

Adding very white fringes to an antique rug

The two types of fibers and their colors obviously don’t match and create a very poor aspect of the rug.

Gluing new fringes instead of binding them

This technique is absolutely unprofessional and will ruin the antique, elegant aspect of your area rug.

Rug Re-Fringing Services NYC can make or break your rug fringes, depending on the actions they take. If you want to make a good investment and prolong the lifespan of your oriental rug without causing more harm than good, choose reputable Expert Rug Binding In NY.

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