Why it is Important to Know About Your Carpet's Dyes When Getting a Rug Shampoo

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Carpet adds elegance and a sense of warmth and comfort to your room. But to maintain the look and appearance of the carpet, you should wash it at least once in 18 months. Among the various problems, dye migration is the common issue that you can encounter in cleaning with rug shampoo. The result is the carpet looks worse with bad dye transfer.

Most people opt for rug cleaning services after they have damaged their carpets. If you want to avoid this situation, you can select two options. First is the hiring of the best carpet cleaning services near you. Second is the knowledge of carpet dyes before you get a rug shampoo.  How to dye transfer occurs and how you can avoid it. Read the full guide to get the information.

What Exactly is the Rug Bleed or Rug Transfer?

Rug bleed is a simple term that describes the transfer of the dark dyes to the light dye area. Simply, the dark color leaks to the white area of the rug. If this happens to your expensive oriental or wool rug, nothing can be more frustrating. The two types of dyes, both synthetic and natural dyes, need separate cleaning procedures. The naturally dyed rugs need dry cleaning, while the synthetically dyed rugs need steam cleaning. Steam cleaning a rug at home can be tricky so get the professional carpet steam cleaning services.

Different causes can lead to dyes transfer. You have to maintain the PH of the rug dyes and the rug shampoo so as not to let the dye rinse or leak. Before you go with the rug shampoo, you must have complete knowledge of rug dyes for better cleaning.

Types of Carpet Dyes

Basically, there are two types of carpet dyes, synthetic and natural dyes. The natural dyes contain the colors that come from the vegetables. Dyers use two techniques for vegetable dyeing, double dyeing, and depleted dye baths. Here are the various colors that are produced from natural dyes.

·       Red dyes: Made from madder plants, safflower, and some insects.

·       Blue dyes: Commonly come from the indigo plant by fermentation

·       Yellow dyes: Usually derives from the pomegranate peels or weld.

·       Green dyes: Green color is obtained from plants like weld or saffron. Then again dyed with indigo.

·       Black dyes: Dark-colored wood dyed with an excess of orange or red gives black carpet dye.

·       Brown dyes: Apart from brown sheep, brown dye is obtained from nutshells.

·       Orange dyes: Can be made from a variety of reagents like saffron or from excessive dyeing with madder red.

·       Purple dye: Comes from hollyhocks or murex.

For general chemical dyeing, the carpet is heated in different organic compounds. The fabric reacts with the organic compounds and the color adheres to the carpet. Among the synthetic dyes, chromic carpet dyes are widely used and considered as long-lasting as vegetable dyes. Moreover, it can produce a variety of colors that are not found in vegetable dyes. Chromic dyes involve the use of a chromic reagent, potassium chromate.

How Rug Shampoos Affect the Dyes

Different scenarios can affect the dye of your carpet. Have a look at common possibilities that you can avoid. 

The dyes can be lightened within a very first wash of carpet. It happens if your rug has excess dyes in its fiber. The simple carpet cleaning solution is the use of stabilizing spray. It will prevent the transfer of dyes to lighter areas. The over-dyes can be the result of tea wash or ink dyes. The tea wash treatment is given to the rugs to mimic the old and antique look. If your carpet has a low-quality tea treatment, it will easily show dye transfer.

The more risk of cleaning with carpet shampoo comes with the ink dyed rugs. The ink dye rugs are darker in color for an antique look. You can easily check the ink dye rugs, they have a different base. Simply, open up the fiber and you can see ink. These rugs are not easy to clean. So, you should hire an upholstery cleaning service for effective cleaning to protect rug dyes from damage. The dye will also run out on the wool and silk fibers with the rug shampoo. The residues that are left behind in the carpet impact the acidic dyes and cause dye transfer.

Both the Persian and oriental rugs are also susceptible to dye bleed. The handmade and machine-made Oriental rugs cause the leakage of dyes into the white areas. So, people prefer to buy natural dye Persian rugs as compared to synthetic dyes because they are easy to clean.

How to Test Your Carpet Dye Before Rug Shampoo

As we stated, most of the dyes are susceptible to wash out or transfer if you use rug shampoo. So, a simple step will save your carpet from damage. Take a clean towel and dip it in the hot water. Roll over the towel over the carpet. If the color appears on the towel, avoid cleaning at home. It will cause dye transfer on your carpet. You can take a PH spotter test to locate the stability of the dyes. The lower the PH of the rug dye the better it will be stable.

What to Do After the Towel Dye Test?

The next step is to use a stabilizer solution for your rug cleaning. The stabilizing solution is not the single solution, but it will protect the dyes from bleed. Even the rugs will bleed if you use a stabilizer solution. Hence, the safe method is to hire an upholstery and rug cleaning service in NYC. Because you cannot manage to handle the carpet cleaning with the rug shampoo if the dyes are not stable.

Contact Us for Professional Carpet Cleaning NYC

If you don’t want your rug dyes to mix up and lose your investment in carpet, contact PristineGreen Cleaning. We are the best rug cleaner in NYC to provide you with a high-standard carpet cleaning solution. We understand your needs and therefore offer the best carpet cleaning services. You don’t need to worry about the rug dye, rug shampoo, and the dye test, we will handle everything. Doesn’t matter whether you have a hand-made, oriental, or synthetic dyed carpet, we use safe materials to stabilize the PH of the carpet.

Our basic services meet the needs of every carpet type and are prominent among carpet cleaning companies. You can call us for the following carpet cleaner services.

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Don’t hesitate, just contact us and we will decide what type of rug shampoo is best to clean your carpet. Our technicians at PristineGreen Cleaning NYC are experts in the delicate handling of the fabrics of your carpet to maintain the nature and color of your dyes.

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