Why it is important to use only the best carpet shampoo for all your carpeted surfaces

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Carpets add a fabulous coziness and stylish comfort to any home that far surpasses the look and feel of any wooden floor. However, the downside is that they do require some maintenance on a regular basis to keep them looking and smelling in tip-top condition. The best carpet shampoo product will enable you to target stains but you do need to be careful before reaching for the carpet cleaner because if you are not careful, you may lift the color and ruin the appearance of your carpet.

So how do you keep your carpets clean?

The first step to safe carpet cleaning is to regularly vacuum clean in order to remove surface dirt, dust and grime trapped in the weave. This helps maintain the appearance of the carpet without the risk of causing damage.
You can also help prevent damage to your carpet by preventative measures such as removing outdoor shoes at the door or by placing a protective cover over areas where accidents are likely to happen; a good option for homes with pets for example.
You can also deal with noticeable stains as they happen but this can be risky. Hot water can damage carpets and vigorous rubbing can damage the weave so it is important to do it right.
Some of the best carpet cleaning shampoo products are suitable for spot washing but you do need to be careful before you tackle a carpet stain yourself or you could make it a whole lot worse.
The best carpet cleaner for pet stains may not be suitable for cleaning up red wine stains for example, so it is important to know the difference before you start.

If you have carpets, it is important to find a local carpet cleaner you can trust. 

The bottom line is that no matter how careful you are with your carpets, the best carpet shampoo is always best carried out by a professional company. Professional service provides a range of steam cleaning services that can instantly restore your carpets to pristine condition with no risk of causing any 
expensive damage. In addition, a professional service can carry out upholstery and carpet cleaning at the same time so leave your home looking and smelling new and fresh.

Carpet cleaning transforms your home

Even if your home carpets look good, having them cleaned professionally every 6 months makes a fantastic difference to the overall ambiance of your home environment. Most people are amazed at the dirt and residue that builds up over time on even the cleanest-looking carpets or rugs. The best carpet shampoo removes any mustiness or stale smells from your carpet that you may not even notice until they are removed.

Don’t forget your mattresses

Most of us ignore our mattresses but like carpets and upholstery, they can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. To keep your entire home in a tip-top hygienic condition, it makes sense to have your mattresses professionally cleaned at the same time as your carpets. The best carpet shampoo services will also be able to tackle your mattresses and upholstery maintaining a clean pleasant environment for you and your family.

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