DIY Couch Cleaner Steps To Clean Your Couch Properly

diy couch cleaner tips

Being your own couch cleaner and attempting to cleanse the fabric yourself can be difficult, but we have compiled a set of steps to help you in this process!

We all love couches… after all they are very comfortable. But they can be very hard to clean and you may spend hours of cleaning and still not achieve the desired results. This is why most people opt to call couch cleaner services to keep their couches in good condition.

We’d like to share DIY steps to clean your couch at home without any expert support. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin with the DIY couch cleaning guide.

Start with Vacuum

The first step to clean a couch should be to make it free from the dust particles, which can be done using a high-powered vacuum cleaner. The domestic or low powered vacuum cleaners may not work effectively. Start by removing the loose dirt and debris from the hidden parts of your couth and make sure you remove the couch cushions to ensure dirt is removed from every corner.

Wipe it Down

Of course, wiping may be not do a great ideal to clean your couch, but it is essential for the metal or wooden parts of your couch. These parts can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap.

Check Manufacturer Cleaning Instructions

Not all couches and materials are the same. Some may be ideal for home washing methods while some may only support the professional cleaning methods. Before you proceed with the best couch cleaning process, make sure to read the washing instructions provided by couch manufacturer. You can check this from the tag available on the couch for a code that explains what kind of methods you can use for cleaning the couth.

Remove Stains

This is the most important part that a professional couth cleaning will take care about. During this step, you need to remove all those ugly stains from the fabric of couch. Professional couch cleaner experts use most effective and professional products so it is very easy to them. But if you are going to do it yourself, make sure to use eco-friendly products as they are effective as well as safe for the couch fabrics.

Get Rid of Foul Smell

Cleaning your couch isn’t enough to make it cleaned properly, but you may also need to get rid of the foul smell that is usually left behind by those ugly stains. It is always recommended to use baking soda to do a basic cleaning of your couch and remove any bad smells. Baking soda is great to use with both leather and fabric couches and it can help in a great way. Whether it is the smell of stains or smoke, baking soda will take care of it all. You can just sprinkle the baking soda on the different parts of your couch so no place is left untreated and wait about 20 minutes. Now you can clean the baking soda with vacuum cleaner and the foul smell should be reduced!

Wait to Dry

The final step you can take is to let it rest while it is completely dry. For this you can either keep the couch in the sunlight or anywhere in your home where the moisture level is small. If you have any fans available to get it dry faster, then you can use these. You can also try to soak up any excess water with a dry rag.

When all done, you are all set to enjoy your cleaned couches and enjoy a comfortable living experience. If you’re not comfortable with the self-cleaning process, call us, a professional couch cleaner in NYC for a free instant quote!⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

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