Couch Deep Clean - Get Rid of Allergens, Pet Dander, and Food Stains with a Professional Deep Clean

couch deep clean service

A couch deep clean is a necessary service that the professional fabric of cleaners offers. A dirty couch is a very common problem for homes with kids. Children spill food, drinks, and juices on the sofas and pets roll around on the cushions leaving oils, hair, allergens, and dander. DIY remedies can help small issues, but stains and oils must be removed using deep cleaning services. These services will remove all traces of food, drinks, or grease from the fabrics. Here is why hiring a professional fabric cleaner is necessary and the services they provide.

Why Choose a Professional Fabric Cleaner

Upholstered furniture absorbs dust and dirt easily. Spills can be initially wiped up with a cloth but residue most likely will remain. Cleaning with a professional fabric cleaner provides quick and powerful results. You don't have to spend hours and hours cleaning with mediocre results. You also don't have to worry about the upholstery being damaged by the cleaning chemicals that are used to clean it.

We use Non-Toxic Products

At PristineGreen, as a professional fabric sofa cleaner, we use only non-toxic products and eco-friendly solutions in our work. If you attempt to clean your sofa yourself, the chemicals you use may not be non-toxic and may leave permanent marks and residue. Only professional fabric cleaners can handle the delicate job of deep cleaning sofas and other fabric furniture. We specialize in using products containing non-toxic chemicals which are both safe and effective for home and commercial cleaning. 

We Offer Spot Cleaning Service

Spot cleaning furniture is a common problem for households. Kids often spill juices, leave marks with crayons, or drop food on the couches. If you are just looking to have that spot cleaned up you would choose our spot clean furniture services. Your furniture will be spotless when the job is done. This saves you from buying new furniture or spending more to have the whole item cleaned and will extend the life of your soft furnishings. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is also needed to maintain the quality and beauty of the fabric of your couch. It is important that this task is done regularly since it prevents dirt and dust from embedding deeply in the couch fibers and becoming permanent. Professional fabric sofa cleaners ensure that the upholstery and fabric of your couch are properly cleaned. They also give you advice on cleaning your upholstery with different products that are safe for your fabric.

Mold Growths can cause Asthma Attacks

A couch deep clean is not enough if there are signs of mold and mildew. Professional fabric sofa cleaners can identify mildew growths early on and deal with them. These growths are dangerous to health because they can cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions. If you suspect mildew growths on your couch, then you need to have these growths removed immediately before they cause any health problems for you and your family.

Stain Removal Service

 Another service that couch clean service offers is stain removal. You can get all the assistance you need in removing stains from your couch. Most companies have a variety of cleaning solutions to remove stains. They also have carpet spot removers and sanitizers to make the couch look new again. You can expect the job to be completed within 1 hour. This makes it convenient for you to schedule this service when you have other commitments that require your attention.

Importance of Cleaning your Couch Regularly

A couch clean service is also known to remove allergens from your couch. If you are having persistent problems with dust and other allergens in your home, then this is a regular service for you. Cleaning your couch regularly with a deep cleaning solution will help reduce indoor air pollution. You can choose an appropriate solution for your couch based on the kind of fabric that you have and the recommended time duration for cleaning.

Dry Cleaning or Low Moisture Cleaning Service

Another service offered by fabric couch cleaners is dry cleaning. It is important to maintain a clean appearance at all times. Dust, stains, and dirt often gather and become matted. A dry cleaning or low moisture cleaning process removes all of these and leaves your couch looking as good as new. The advantage of a low moisture solution is that the item can be used within minutes of the cleaning instead of a couple of hours with hot water extraction. This is a great option for commercial spaces that are in constant use. The disadvantage is that the cleaning is not considered as thorough as wetter cleaning methods. You can schedule this service any time you please, and it can be done on a regular basis to maintain the cleanliness of your space.

Deep Cleaning Service

A couch deep clean will not just restore your couch to its former glory but also make it more comfortable. The process involves vacuuming, hot water extraction, and sanitizing. Vacuuming removes large pieces of soil, dust, and grime. Hot water extraction helps remove stains and odors. Sanitizing helps kill germs and bacteria that may be living on your couch. These services leave your couch looking as good as new.

A couch deep clean service is affordable, especially when you compare it to buying a whole new set of furniture. This service provides a clean couch for an affordable price and this is an excellent way to keep your couch looking new. There are numerous benefits to investing in a deep clean of your couch, especially if you have pets and children.  

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