The Difference Between Wet Cleaning And Dry-Cleaning Carpet And Upholstery

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Looking for the best carpet cleaning service in NY to assist you with carpet and upholstery cleaning in your home or office? Not sure which cleaning method is suitable for your rugs and furniture? In this post, we break down the most popular cleaning methods so you decide which one is best for you.

How Wet Cleaning Works

Wet cleaning involves water, obviously, and is the oldest form of cleaning out there. However, today’s wet cleaning is performed with extractors to remove moisture from carpets and upholstery. When you opt for wet cleaning, you generally need the help of a rug cleaner or couch cleaner in order to benefit from the professional equipment they are using.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is the most effective method, as hot water delivers superior performance. The hot water extractor heats water, and then cleaning experts add cleaner shampoo and inject water into the carpet. The machine extracts the solution and the dirt from the carpet, allowing it to dry quickly.

Many homeowners use home water extractors, which are less powerful but still can be effective at treating stains and maintaining carpets clean for longer periods of time.

What Cleaning Agents Are Used in Wet Cleaning?

There is a variety of oriental rug cleaning solutions out there, available both in grocery chains and specialized stores. However, the best upholstery cleaning services opt for non-toxic products, carrying the EPA Safer Choice label EPASafer Choice label.

How Dry-Cleaning Works

Dry cleaning is a cleaning method recommended for a variety of items that can be damaged by water. Dry cleaning is mostly used for clothes and consists of treating the fabric with a liquid solvent instead of water and detergent. Clothes still get wet, but the solvent used to clean them evaporates faster. The solvent is re-circulated through filters to remove impurities and is re-used. Dry-cleaning machines are usually very large and computer-controlled, so the best cleaning options are applied to remove oily and greasy residue. The process ends with pressing garments with finishing equipment.

Carpets and upholstery cannot be cleaned in dry-cleaning machines, but it is still possible to use this method to clean your rugs. Your carpet cleaner Brooklyn will apply solvent powder on areas that require cleaning and let it sit for half an hour. To complete the process, the powder and impurities are extracted using a vacuum cleaner.

What Kind of Chemicals Are Used with Dry-Cleaning?

Dry-cleaning solvents come in different forms, such as liquid, powder, and gel. Pro's Choice Pro‑Solve Gel is a reliable dry-cleaning product, ideal for spot cleaning and used to dissolve oil, paint, gum, tar, and more. In order to obtain excellent results, extract with hot water when the spot is dissolved to remove residue.

What About Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a relatively new method for cleaning carpets and is also available through equipment that can be used at home, without assistance from upholstery cleaning NYC experts. The main benefits of steam cleaning are providing a deep clean, improving carpet appearance, no need to use caustic cleaning chemicals, and a relatively quick drying time.

Which Method Is the Most Environmentally-Friendly?

Even if dry-cleaning saves water, it has a higher carbon print than wet cleaning. The most popular chemical solvent is called PERC (short for perchloroethylene) a substance blamed for causing environmental problems such as producing hazardous waste, polluting soil and air, contaminating water, and posing health risks to people that come into contact with it.

Using wet cleaning with a (hot) water cleaning extractor and a safer choice cleaning product is an excellent option as the main issue of wet cleaning, high water consumption, is eliminated. Moreover, the use of EPA Safer Choice products ensures that residue is not toxic to the environment.

Steam cleaning is also environmentally friendly as it does not use any chemical substances for cleaning.

What Is Each Method Suitable For?

Each cleaning method has its own advantages and drawbacks. Wet cleaning is recommended when you need a thorough cleaning of high-traffic areas and you can allow for the carpets and upholstery to air dry.

In spite of using potentially harmful chemicals, dry cleaning is suitable when time is of the essence and when you are cleaning fibers that can be damaged by water. You can also use dry-cleaning locally, for removing stains caused by paint, pen, grease, and other substances that are dissolved with solvents.

Steam is an increasingly popular option for cleaning carpets, but the high temperature of steam can damage certain fibers, so use this method sparingly.

There are multiple reasons why DIE carpet and sofa cleaning may not be an option for you: lack of time and professional equipment, reduced mobility, or dealing with persistent stains and odors. PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning can assist you with a variety of cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning, and auto interior cleaning. Give us a call now at 347-871-6530 and let us know how we can help! We are open every day from 9 am to 9 pm.

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