10 Things That Are Damaging Your Carpets

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Carpets represent an investment that most people try to protect. In spite of the time and effort homeowners need to put into carpet maintenance and locating the best carpet cleaning service, carpeting will always be fashionable and have its adepts. This is because installing carpets in a home brings benefits such as improved appearance, insulation, and a softer feel of interiors. 

So, if you have opted for carpets as a part of your interior design, you will definitely be interested in how to take better care of your rugs. Here is a list of things that could damage your carpets, according to rug cleaner experts – and we bet you were not aware of at least one factor that could damage your carpeting:

Not enough vacuuming

You need to vacuum your carpets at least once a week to prevent the buildup of dust and debris because they can increase the wear and tear of your carpets. Vacuuming is also important for your health as it removes dust, allergens, and other microorganisms. Too busy to vacuum frequently? Invest in a robot vacuum cleaner that will take over the tedious job of vacuuming carpets. This way, you will need to use a traditional, more powerful vacuum cleaner just occasionally.

Walking barefoot

Don’t you love the feel of a dense carpet under your bare feet? We know, it feels great, but don’t indulge in this habit too often. The natural oils and sweat from your feet can impregnate the carpet fibers, making NY carpet cleaning necessary more often. Wear socks or comfortable, flexible slippers instead.

Pet stains

Our pets are beloved family members. New York is home to 1.1 million pets and the number is going up. Most cats and dogs are trained to do their business at the designed place, but if you have a puppy or an older dog, accidents are more frequent. Place puppy pads around your home and make sure you attend to accidents immediately. Use a mild rug shampoo to treat stains. If the stains are too deep, call a rug clean service for pet odor cleaning.

Frequent steam cleaning

Steam cleaner owners are usually excited about their new gadget and are tempted to steam clean almost anything. The question is – can you steam clean a rug? That depends on the type of fibers the carpet is made from, but don’t do it too often, either way. Frequent deep cleaning creates unnecessary stress on your rugs, so avoid steam cleaning more than once a year.

Insects and rodents

Insects and rodents bring all kinds of problems into a home, and chewing on carpets are just one of them. If you suspect your home is infested with pests, look for loose carpet fibers and bald spots. If you notice these signs, call an exterminator as soon as possible.


We all look for natural light when purchasing or renting a new home, but you should know that sunlight is as damaging to your carpeting as it is to your skin. Especially wool carpets are more susceptible to ultraviolet light damage as they are made from natural fibers. However, cheaper synthetic rugs are also sensitive to the sun and the dye in these carpets can fade as well. If you don’t need the sunlight in a room, the best is to pull down those blinds.

Common spills

Spills, even innocent water ones, are a nightmare for carpet owners. The rule of thumb whenever you spill something into your carpet is to act quickly. Use a carpet cleaning solution if necessary and blot the spill with a cloth until the wet spot is as dry as possible.

Chemical spills

The worst kind of spills is paint and chemical ones as they can eat up your carpet. You will need to treat those spills with harsh substances, causing more damage to the carpet. Protect the carpet with drop cloths before using paint or chemicals and call a rug clean service in case of an accident.


Continuous exposure to water can cause carpet fibers to rot and mold to develop. Prevent rugs from coming into contact with moisture by not installing them in places such as under flower pots, in bathrooms, under kitchen sinks, etc.


Did you know that wrinkles and bulges can have a negative effect on your carpets? Rugs should be stretched tight not only to avoid tripping hazards but also to prevent fibers and carpet undersides from deteriorating. 

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