Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Waxing

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Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Waxing

Whether for the home or office, vinyl flooring is an incredibly durable, practical, and sometimes beautiful floor covering. Yet with any floor covering, maintenance is required, in some situations more than others. At PristineGreen, we offer comprehensive vinyl floor washing and waxing services for both the home and commercial spaces.

Luxury Vinyl Floor Cleaning (LVP & LVT)

These types of luxury vinyl floor cleaning are very durable and easy to generally maintain and do not require stirpping and waxing. Yet on a regular basis, professional cleaning should be used. Depending on the texture of the tile or plank used, dirt can accumulate in the cracks and grains of the tile or plank, causing it to look dull and dirty. Our luxury vinyl floor cleaning services safely and effectively remove these embedded layers of dirt in the LVT and LVP to bring new life back to your flooring. We also have sealing options so that you can protect and add even more durability to your vinyl floors.

Vinyl Floor Stripping and Waxing (VCT)

Vinyl composite floors, also known as VCT flooring, require regular stripping and waxing. These tiles are porous due to their composition and require a top coat of wax to prevent them from being destroyed from the high traffic they usually endure. PristineGreen offers vinyl floor stripping and waxing services to accommodate all your vinyl floor cleaning needs. We use a powerful stripper to lift any existing dirt and old wax. We then thoroughly clean this and apply a fresh coat of durable and strong wax. The results are amazing, bringing the cleanliness and appeal of your business to the next level. The cost of our stripping and waxing service is affordable as well.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning in NY

Need vinyl floor cleaning in NYC? We offer our floor cleaning services for LVT, LVP, and VCT to all New York homes and businesses. Give us a call today or get a free quote online!

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We Offer Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Waxing in NYC

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