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Grout & Tile Cleaning Service

Grout and tile flooring is a versatile hard flooring type that is useful for spaces that will have water exposure and high traffic, like bathrooms, kitchens, and patios. Yet grout and tile is notoriously hard to deep clean as those grout lines seem to just get darker and darker over time. Furthermore, removing soap scum from the surface of tile floors and showers is incredibly difficult using household cleaning items. At PristineGreen, we offer comprehensive grout and tile cleaning for all types of tile including ceramic tile, floor tiles, shower tiles, kitchen tiles, commercial tiles, and more! 

Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Ceramic tiles, due to their more porous nature, require a deep cleaning occasionally to bring back their original vibrancy. Sometimes, the glaze on ceramic tile is not as smooth as porcelain tiles, and in this way, it catches more dirt and scum over time. Our ceramic tile cleaning services remove layers of dirt, scum, and grime from the surface and grout lines of your tile, leaving an amazingly clean and pleasing surface. We then seal the tile and grout to increase durability and make the clean appearance last for longer. 

Floor Tile Cleaning

Floor tiles get much more abuse than vertical tiles you might see in a shower or the backsplash of a kitchen. People walk over the tile, embedding dirt and scum on its surface and into its grout lines. Over time, the finish of the tile will begin to look dull and the grout lines black. Our floor tile cleaning service will deep clean the layers of dirt from the surface of the tile as well as deep clean the grout lines, restoring them to their natural color. We then seal both the tile and grout to protect the clean.

Shower Tile Cleaning

Shower tiles can experience an array of issues over time. Because they are constantly in a wet environment, they can experience mold grout on the surface of the tile as well as the grout lines. In addition, as soaps are used in the shower, the surface and the grout lines of the shower tiles will accumulate layers of soap scum that cannot be easily removed using household tools and cleaners. At PristineGreen, we offer shower tile cleaning to remove all the soap and mold from the tile’s surface, restoring its original beautiful shine. We then seal the shower tiles for maximum durability and preservation of its newly cleansed appearance. 

Kitchen Tile Cleaning

Kitchen tiles get a lot of abuse as the kitchen is one of the most high-trafficked locations in the home. Not only do shoes bring in dirt that embeds in the surface of the tile, in the grout lines, and under the toe-kicks of the cabinets, but food materials like oil and grease eventually build up on its surfaces. Our kitchen tile cleaning services deep clean the surface of the tile and grout lines to remove months, if not years, of grease, oil, food, and dirt from your kitchen tiles. After cleaning, we seal it so that it will stay cleaner for longer. You will love having your kitchen back to its original clean condition

Commercial Tile Cleaning

Commercial tiles are subjected to the most abuse out of any location. Whether they be in the main store where customers come in and out with their dirty shoes, or in the back of a restaurant where the chefs constantly spill oil and food on the floor, leading to layers of dirt, oil, grease, and scum. No matter the situation, our commercial tile cleaning services clean the layers and layers of grime from your tile’s surface and grout lines. After cleaning, we apply a sealer on the tile and grout to reduce future wear, extending the time before another deep cleaning is required. Whether you are looking to have your back kitchen clean for both maintenance and inspection, or your store proudly accepts customers with a clean floor, our commercial tile cleaning services suit all our needs.

Grout and Tile Sealing

After cleaning any grout and tile, we give our customers the option to seal the hard floor surface. Sealing creates a layer of protection against future dirt, grime, and scum buildup, increasing the time before another professional deep cleaning is required. The sealant both fills and adheres to the grout and tile’s surface, preventing dirt particles from attaching to its surface. It does not change the color, texture, or shine of a tile, making it an ideal choice alongside any grout and tile cleaning. 

Need Grout and Tile Cleaning in NYC?

We offer grout and tile cleaning across NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island. We also service New Jersey and Long Island. If you need grout and tile cleaning in NYC today, give us a call or fill out our online quote request form

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about Grout & Tile Cleaning Service

Grout and tile cleaning removes embedded dirt, soap scum, and grime, especially from high-traffic and water-exposed areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

The porous nature and sometimes less smooth glaze of ceramic tiles can catch more dirt and scum over time, requiring deep cleaning to restore their original vibrance.

Shower tiles can accumulate soap scum and experience mold growth due to constant wet conditions, requiring specialized cleaning to maintain their appearance and hygiene.

Kitchen tiles get dirty from foot traffic, oil, grease, and food build-up, making deep cleaning essential to maintain a hygienic and appealing environment.

Sealant does not alter the color, texture, or shine of the tile, making it a suitable option for preserving the floor's appearance after cleaning.

Sealing creates a protective layer that prevents dirt particles from attaching to the surface, making regular cleaning more effective and less labor-intensive.

Ceramic, floor, shower, kitchen, and commercial tiles can all benefit from professional cleaning and sealing to maintain their durability and appearance.

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