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Blind, Curtain, and Drape Cleaning

Drape Cleaning

Drapes are often ornate and made from delicate fabrics such as silk and velvet. We understand that drapes often go beyond the practical, as they offer ambiance and class to their space. Our professional drape cleaning services can handle all types of delicate fabrics, leaving them looking like-new. For in-home service, we use professional cleaning, and gentle chemicals to deep clean your drapes of any accumulated dust or dirt, leaving them in incredible condition. If your drapes can only be dry cleaned, we offer that service as well. Whether you choose to have them cleaned at home, or taken to a facility for deep cleaning, our drape cleaning services cover all your needs

Blind Cleaning

Blinds are hard window coverings composed of slats that compress together as the blind is lifted. Once lowered, the blind decompresses and blocks the light and view from the window. These slats over time, can accumulate dust and dirt. At PristineGreen, we offer professional steam cleaning for blinds to deeply clean these blinds of any accumulated dust and dirt, leaving your window covering extremely fresh. 

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are different from drapes in that they are often made of thicker material and have less ornate features. Despite this, just like any soft furnishing, they can over time accumulate dirt. Cleaning curtains may be very difficult at home using a washing machine, as this method may damage the curtain fibers. In addition, having a day without curtains in NYC can be an uncomfortable experience. PristineGreen offers curtain cleaning, in-home, using professional equipment and steam cleaning to deep clean the dirt and dust from your window coverings. 

Commercial Curtain Cleaning

Sometimes businesses need curtain and drape cleaning as well. With the high foot traffic that businesses receive, these window coverings can become dirty, quickly. PristineGreen offers commercial drapery cleaning and curtain cleaning services that deep clean your window coverings at the site, so you can continue your operations without interruption. 

Blind, Curtain, and Drape Cleaning in NYC (and Beyond)

Do you need professional drape cleaning near you? PristineGreen offers its professional window covering cleaning in all of NYC including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. We also offer services in Long Island, New Jersey, and Westchester. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions about Blind, Curtain, and Drape Cleaning

Accumulation of dust and dirt over time makes them difficult to clean without professional equipment.

Drapes made from delicate fabrics like silk and velvet require professional cleaning with gentle chemicals or dry cleaning to remove dust without damage.

Professional steam cleaning can remove accumulated dust and dirt from the slats of blinds, refreshing their appearance.

In-home cleaning minimizes disruption, especially in NYC where living without curtains even for a day can be inconvenient.

Businesses with high foot traffic need efficient on-site commercial curtain cleaning services to maintain cleanliness without interrupting operations.

Professional services are equipped to clean delicate fabrics, using gentle methods like steam cleaning to prevent damage.

Steam cleaning uses a process called hot-water extraction to deep clean the fabrics, effective for removing dirt and allergens.

It depends on exposure to dust and sunlight but getting professional cleaning annually or bi-annually helps maintain their appearance and longevity.

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