Carpet Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

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Pets are loved and treasured as family members in our country. Estimates indicate a population of approximately 76 million dogs in the US, respectively 68 million cats. There are roughly 1,1 million pets in NYC only. But where’s a pet, there is also a higher chance of stains and odors around the home, especially on carpets and upholstery. 

Being a pet parent means you will be enjoying a lifetime of play and happiness, but also receiving more visits from carpet cleaner services. But before you call a rug cleaner in NYC for every little accident, there are some carpet care tricks you can try to keep your carpeting in good condition:

Have your Pet Groomed Regularly

Make sure your dog or cat is regularly groomed (as often as once a month) – this implies removing excess fur and trimming their nails. When a pet is shedding, all the hair is going into the carpet and everywhere around the house, potentially damaging your health, too. Claws, on the other hand, can ruin the material of your carpet.

Train the Pet to Do their Business in the Right Place

Teaching your pet toilet manners is vital for maintaining a clean home. Cats are easier to train as they will use the litter box put at their disposal. Dogs need to be taken for a walk twice a day and be taught they can only do their business outside.

Place small rugs to absorb dirt

Are your floors carpeted? If you own a pet, place rugs strategically around the home. These small rugs will absorb the dirt and mud pets can bring inside the house. It is also recommended to place a small rug near the cat litter, as the cat can have a few pebbles stuck in between their paws after using the litter.

Vacuum clean your carpets regularly

Using a powerful vacuum cleaner is a must if you want to keep your carpets and your entire home clean. When you have pets, using a vacuum cleaner regularly is even more important as it helps to remove pet hair stuck in your carpets.

Use natural substances for cleaning

Store-bought cleaners that contain chemicals are not recommended for carpets, especially those containing natural fibers. If you don’t have a professional, green carpet cleaning solution, you can rely on natural substances found in your pantry to treat stains effectively. Chemicals are not good for your carpet and neither for you and your pets.

Treat stains fast

Has your dog peed or pooped on your carpet? Act fast, but wisely. No matter what you spill on your carpet, you need to treat the stain as soon as possible and not let it sit for too long. When the liquid impregnates the carpet, the stain will be more difficult to clean and the odor will last. The next two points are of interest if you want to remove stains and reduce their negative effects to a minimum.

Make sure you have a putty knife at hand

If your carpet is soiled with pet poop or vomit, it is crucial that you remove solids correctly, so they don’t impregnate the rug. By using a putty knife to meticulously scoop up solid dirt from your carpet you will surely save money on rug cleaner Brooklyn services.

Use handheld liquid extractors

Wet messes are some of the worst things that can happen to your carpets, and they are not entirely avoidable, especially when you have a dog. Even if you own a large wet vacuum cleaner, putting it into operation can take a while and the stain will settle into the carpet until then. Buy a handheld extractor that is simple and convenient to use and you will need the services of a carpet cleaning professional less often.

Use odor removers

Pet habits such as peeing inside the house to mark their territory cause the infamous pet odor that is difficult to remove. The problem is that once the dog or cat pees in a particular place, it will see it as its territory and pee it again, multiple times. Odor removers available at hardware stores should be able to remove the smell of urine from your carpet and prevent the pet from marking that area again.

Avoid steam cleaning

Even if you are enthusiastic about the results of your couch steam cleaning, don’t try to replicate it on carpet pet stains. Heat bonds to the odor and stains the carpet fibers, making the matter worse. For best results, use hot water extraction.

Call the professionals regularly

Even with the utmost care, your carpets need some extra treatments every once in a while, such as a carpet cleaner NYC services. Calling professional NY carpet cleaning is convenient because it helps you save time, prolongs the lifespan of your carpets, and eliminates the need of purchasing and using professional cleaning equipment. Contact us with confidence for a variety of fast and reliable cleaning services from area rug cleaning to pet stains and odors cleaning!

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