Some Unknown Things About Steam Cleaning NYC You Didn't Know Were False

steam cleaning nyc

Despite steam cleaning in NYC being a common means of cleansing a variety of surfaces and fabrics, there are still misconceptions about the cleaning method.

In case you don’t know, steam cleaning is one of the most popular forms for deep cleaning for carpet and upholstery in commercial and residential spaces. It helps kill germs, sanitizing and removing allergens, and encourages healthy living. However, despite the popularity of steam cleaning in NYC, steam cleaners and steam cleaning is still misunderstood by many people.

We like to keep the public informed which is why we bring to you some most common steam cleaner beliefs you never knew were false.

Steam Cleaners Are Ok For Hardwood Floors

Of course, steam cleaners seem harmless in that they only product steam, but the truth is that they can cause damage if used on the wrong surface. The prime reason why steam cleaners are harmful for floors is the heat generated by the machine can be damaging. Be sure to use the steam cleaners on the proper surfaces like tile and rugs, but can be even used on upholstery items like couches, sofas, mattresses, and more. As with anything else, it is suggested to test in inconspicuous area to see the result. As professional steam cleaners in NYC, we use steam as a means of disinfection after we have used hot-water extraction.

Steam Cleaners Can Damage Carpets

Keeping your carpets clean is essential but what tools do you use to accomplish this task? A true steam cleaner is different than a carpet cleaner, also known as an extractor, so which do you use? Both of them are different and have been designed for specific functions. A true steam cleaner simply creates steam while an extractor shoots water into the fabric and then sucks it back up with an industrial wet vacuum. Yet using a steam cleaner on a carpet also has its purposes and is rarely harmful to the fabric, unless the carpet is particularly delicate. Steam cleaning can be used to disinfect rugs and destroy odors caused by bacteria. 

Steam Cleaning Carpets Causes Mold To Grow

The most common reason behind the myth lies in the idea that mold likes dirty and wet carpets. And since steam cleavers use steam, most people believe that mold may grow in the fibers soon. If you throw water on your carpet every day, mold is likely to grow quicker than you can say “photosynthesis.” However, steam cleaning is different. It simply shoots hot steam into the fibers, killing any bacteria that may be lurking. This all means that the steam cleaning process doesn’t create much dampness. 

Steam Cleaning Makes Carpets Get Dirty Easily

It is true that sometimes carpets soil faster after cleaning, a ss these carpet cleaning methods a sticky residue behind that latches on to fresh dirt. In case you are getting these kinds of results after a cleaning process, it may be because of inappropriate methods used. Yet steam cleaning should not leave any residue. If a type of carpet cleaning method that does not involve a rinse is used, it is possible that a residue will be left behind.

Steam Cleaners Are Only For Flooring

The fact here is that the steam cleaning is a versatile cleaning tool that has been effective in cleaning almost all kinds of surfaces like furniture, car upholstery, mattresses, chairs, tabletops, and more. So, no matter what you want to clean at home, steam cleaning is a tool that can be used.

If you are a looking for professional services of carpet cleaning and steam cleaning in NYC, give us a call today!⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

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