Sofa Cleaning Tips For Maintaining Leather Furniture At Home

sofa cleaning tips leather furniture

Leather furniture cleaning can be done at home properly provided the proper steps are taken. 

Leather furniture, specifically your sofa, adds a touch of elegance to your modern homes, be it a small or large. However, cleaning the leather sofa and other furniture can be a tricky task. Unlike the other surfaces, wiping with a clean cloth alone will not help; it needs professional sofa cleaning methods to keep it clean and free from allergens.

If you are the DIY type, then these tips are sure to be your guide to maintain a healthy living environment with a proper sofa cleaning.

Dust & vacuum leather surface regularly

As a homeowner, it is important to keep the dust away from your leather furniture and other items in the home. Regular dusting not just helps clean furniture, but also makes it look bright and prevents dust allergies. If you own a vacuum cleaner, then using it on your leather furniture may be a great choice to remove dust or debris from the most difficult places in your sofa.

Remove stains immediately

Sometimes, we procrastinate over removing the stains from leather furniture, thinking that it can be cleaned later as it is a leather surface. But, it is important to remove the stains immediately as the leather is slightly harder to clean of stains and spills. In case anything spills on sofa, launch a sofa cleaning mission with a dry or wet cloth. Make sure not to use a wet cloth on oil-based stains.

Nourish & condition leather sofa

Just like any other furniture items at home, your luxury leather sofa also needs proper maintenance and nourishing and conditioning may be the right choice to give it a longer life. Special conditioning products like hide foot, can be very effective to rejuvenate its natural appearance. Conditioning your leather sofa will give your furniture a healthier life with the same shine that you got when purchased it.

Test cleaning materials before using

With leather sofa, you can’t take chance by using just any sofa cleaning product that you come across in the supermarket. You have to be very specific when choosing the cleaning products. It is always recommended to test the products before using on your sofa. Try with a small spot on a hidden corner to check if it leaves any bad impact on its surface.

Avoid sunlight

If you are planning to shift your leather sofa to the porch where enough light is available, then I would suggest to drop the idea as this can damage your sofa and may be a fatal decision. Sunlight may lead to discoloration and cracks on leather material. It is also important to keep your leather sofa away from all sources of heat, including an air conditioner, plug points, heavy electronics, etc. This will ensure a longer life to your luxury leather sofa and less expenses for sofa cleaning.

Regular professional cleaning

You may be a great cleaning expert, but calling professionals for sofa cleaning is always the right choice, especially when it is about your leather sofa cleaning. These professionals know the ins and outs of the cleaning process and have eco-friendly cleaning materials to ensure the longer life of your leather sofa. If you use your sofa regularly, then make sure to call them twice every 6 months.

Whether it is a new or old sofa, its maintenance may be tricky, which makes it essential to call a professional service. At PristineGreen Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, we are specialists in sofa cleaning for all kinds of surfaces to ensure your luxury furniture is shining and looks healthy forever. We ensure the most effective cleaning with the most non-toxic products. Call us today for your needs of leather sofa cleaning in NYC!⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

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