Enjoy Hygienic Living With 5 Natural Upholstery Cleaners

natural upholstery cleaners

If you attempt to your own upholstery cleaning at home, here are some materials and tips that can help you along the way. 

Regardless to how you keep your home, it is true that the furniture will eventually need cleaning. After all, your furniture gets a lot of wear and tear and visually can make a great impact on the overall appearance of your interiors. Whether it is a minor spot or odor due to your pets, it is important to use the right products while cleaning your furniture upholstery. While you may be inclined to buy commercial products for quick cleaning, it is always suggested to use natural upholstery cleaners to enhance the life and appearance of your furniture. For the DIY cleaners, the key is knowing what natural products can make the most effective impact on your couches and cushions versus other commercial products.

Learn how these materials can be used in a variety of upholstery cleaning situations.


White vinegar is one of the most effective natural cleaners that is known for its grease-dissolving properties, making it an ideal surface cleaner for the furniture. It has been used by the experts to deal with all kinds of odor on your furniture items. Research conducted in the japan discovered that the bactericidal effects of vinegar can be enhanced by simply increasing its temperature. This makes it more effective than using the warm natural upholstery cleaner solutions.

Lemon Juice

I bet you must have noticed the commercial advertisements of cleaning products that claim to have the power of lemon for more effective cleaning. There is a reason that most companies use lemon in their cleaning materials – it effectively kills mold and swiftly cuts through grease. So, if you are planning to clean your furniture or couch yourself, then using natural lemon juice is the right choice to achieve a fresh, streak-free shine. As per a study conducted in Nebraska, researchers found that applying a coat of vinegar and lemon juice can reduce the growth of mold. The combination of lemon juice and vinegar cleans the stains and leaves a natural-smelling scent behind in the room.


We all love salt in food, but did you know that is an effective natural upholstery cleaner? Yes, you read that right, salt is a natural disinfectant and can be an effective cleaning solution when combined with baking soda. Thanks to its grease cutting abilities, it has been used widely by the top professionals across the world. In case you have a discolored couch or sofa, the mix can be also used to whiten the upholstery, if used with cold water as a scrub.

Baking Soda

We all know that baking soda can enhance the taste of a wide range of food items, but a few of us only know that baking soda is a natural deodorizer and it offers an abrasive quality that outperforms other toxic cleansers to clean your sofa or couch at home. You can easily use it on a variety of surfaces on your furniture items to effectively eliminate the stains and the bad odor. If you add salt to baking soda, you will have an effective natural upholstery cleaner with an extra boost.


There are endless products available on the market like antibacterial spray, fabric softeners and cleaners, and more and although these products may provide quick results, they also contain toxic compounds, which can cause harm to your upholstery as well as health problems to individuals and pets that have exposure. For safe and effective solutions for the stains and odors on the upholstery, PristineGreen carpet & upholstery cleaning service uses only natural upholstery cleaning products that are tested by the experts to ensure low toxicity for individuals and pets and also great results for your furniture.

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