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Can you repair an area rug that has a hole or tear in it? Most times, the answer is yes. A better question, however, would be – is the rug worth repairing? In this post we will be talking about area rug re-weaving services NYC, what they include, and when you should call carpet restoration experts.

What Causes Area Rugs to Tear?

In spite of their many benefits (comfort, insulation, aesthetic appearance) rugs are notoriously difficult to maintain. What’s worse, after a certain time, carpets and rugs can be affected by tears. There are multiple causes that lead to a damaged rug, and these include:

Dragging Heavy Furniture Over It Without Lifting It Properly

Changing the place of furniture in your room is a good idea because you alternate pathways on the rug, ensuring homogenous wear. Not doing it carefully, however, can cause rips in a delicate rug.

Chewing and Clawing Pets

Pets and rugs are not exactly a match made in heaven. In order to prevent accidents, keep the pets’ nails trimmed, give them adequate chewing toys and make sure they are not bored or left alone at home for long periods of time.


Burns can be caused by cigarettes, cooking accidents, hot appliances and embers from fireplaces – these occurrences are very dangerous as they carry the risk of fire.

High traffic

High traffic damage can be easily recognized by diffuse wear and tear in a certain area such as near the entrance to the home. To prevent such problems, it is recommended to install heavy-duty mats in high-traffic areas.

Aggressive Vacuuming

Vacuuming is necessary for maintenance, but it needs to be done carefully. If you push the brush back and forth instead of gently running it over the carpet you can rip out fibers.

Poor installation

Ripples in the carpet can appear if the carpet has not been stretched properly during installation. The carpet will tear due to foot traffic and objects being dragged over the surface.


Delamination occurs when the back of the carpet separates from the surface as the adhesive holding everything together starts breaking down. This can happen in older or defective carpets.

What Is Included in Rug Re-Weaving?

Re-weaving approached with finesse can restore a rug’s seamless original appearance at a fraction of the cost of a new rug. A rug restoration expert can recapture the original missing piece of your rug’s design and make you totally forget that a part of your rug was missing. The work is performed by an area rug repair expert who will sew back portions of the rug together by hand with new fabric.

Sub-services under area rug repair include:

  • Rug moth damage repair
  • Rug patching
  • Hole in rug repair
  • Re-dyeing rugs
  • Fire damage repair
  • Pile unraveling repair
  • Re-establishing fringe
  • Altering the size of your rug

It is recommended that you repair your rugs as soon as you notice damage, as continuing to use the rug will only increase the extent of the damage. Re-weaving becomes necessary when the unraveling progresses past the binding and into the body of the rug.

A re-weaving expert will first identify the type of knot used to construct the rug so he or she can form new knots in the same manner and ensure the rug maintains a cohesive look. The re-weaver will need to use both warp and weft to reconstruct the rug and will draw a map of the pattern they need to recreate.

What is important to know is that reliable area rug re-weaving services NYC will focus on choosing the correct yarn, color and texture to recreate the rug’s original appearance.  

If necessary, the area rug re-weaving services NYC company will also recommend you area rug cleaning, such as NYC Steam Cleaning or steam cleaning.

Finally, the new areas are trimmed to match the pile height of the original knots. This makes it virtually impossible to distinguish the repaired areas from the rest of the rug.

What Alternative Restoration Techniques Are There?

Patching is commonly used for less valuable rugs or when the damaged area is too large. This method is easy to perform, economical, and reasonably effective; when patching is done right, you can barely tell the new area from the rest of the rug.

Patching consists of cutting out the damaged area and replacing it with a patch of donor carpet of the same size. Although imperfect, patching brings an overall improvement and is performed frequently. What’s best, patching a carpet enables you to save lots of money as you won’t need to purchase a new carpet.

When Are Rug Re-Weaving Services Recommended?

Re-weaving is usually recommended for very valuable rugs because it is a detail-oriented and time-consuming process. Hand weaving is completed in every damaged area to preserve the original knots and patterns. The cost of re-weaving can be quite high and it only makes sense for valuable items such as Persian rugs. For cheaper rugs, binding repair and patching are more common restoration techniques.

Do you have a valuable area rug at home? You can start taking care of it by calling to oriental rug cleaning⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ services; during the cleaning, our expert will also identify potentially damaged areas. If your rug needs re-weaving or can be repaired using a more affordable technique, we will provide a free no-obligation quote on request. Area rug re-weaving services NYC can bring new life to your old rug and extend its lifespan.

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