How To Clean Tree of Life Rugs


The “tree of life” is famous for being a sacred symbol of creation, fertility, renaissance, and mortality. 

Just like the branches of a tree goes upward when it grows, humans also grow stronger, strive for better, get wisdom, and experience new things as they go through life.  

The tree of life oriental rugs are usually handmade by communities who have been weaving for generations. It is made of materials such as silk, wool, and natural dyes.

What is a Tree of Life rug?

A Tree of Life Rug is a rug that represents the tree of life. It's a symbol of renewal, life, and rebirth. The tree of life rug is usually made with three main branches, each representing an aspect of the universe: earth, sky, and water. 

The tree of life is a motif originating in ancient Mesopotamia and the Levant. The tree is frequently shown growing green leaves, each with white blossom, and bearing red or black fruit.

The tree of life is a common motif in Mesopotamian art, first appearing on cylinder seals as early as 2900 BC. 

It can be found on various artifacts from the Sumerian period onwards, including cylinder seals and steles, but also on Assyrian-era reliefs and Assyrian palace reliefs such as those at Nineveh and Sargon's palace at Khorsabad.

In Assyrian art the Tree of Life is shown as a stylized tree with its roots above ground and its branches below ground; it is often shown supported by winged genies whose bodies are shaped like the palm-tree trunk.

A relief from Ashurnasirpal II's Nimrud (Calah) shows a sacred tree flanked by owls; this type of sacred tree is called "the Tree of Life" in Neo-Assyrian art. In Neo-Assyrian art, the Tree of Life was used in combination with other symbols to express human emotions such as joy or sadness.

What is the Origin of Tree of Life Motif?

The Tree of Life symbol has its origins in Mesopotamia and Egypt, where it was a sacred symbol of life, fertility, and rebirth.

The trunk represents the spine, while the branches represent the nervous system. The roots represent our connection to Mother Earth, while the fruit represents wisdom gained from experience.

In ancient cultures, this tree represented a gateway to the spirit world and was often associated with immortality.

It is said to represent the roots that hold us to our earth, the trunk that grows us up into life, and the branches that bring us back down again when we die. The tree of life symbol can be seen on carpets and rugs both as a single element or as part of a larger design.

Tree of life rugs from the Middle Eastern regions is well known for their use of reds and blues and the design depicting animals surrounded by a munificent tree that springs from a vase. This design symbolizes the bridge between paradise, the world of men, and the hereafter life.

What Type of Materials are Used in the Tree of Life Persian Rugs?

The Tree of Life Persian Rug is a collection of rugs inspired by the ancient Persian art of carpet weaving. The collection combines the best aspects of both traditional and modern design to create beautiful, high-quality rugs that will last for years to come.

The Tree of Life Persian Rug is a collection of Persian rugs that are woven in Iran. The Tree of Life rug collection comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Most Tree of Life rugs are hand woven from 100 percent wool material.

The most common materials used in the Tree of Life Persian rugs include wool, cotton, silk, or a blend thereof, and sometimes a combination of natural dyes with synthetic dyes or vice versa. These rugs are made by weavers who have been weaving since they were children. They have learned the art through generations and continue to do so today.

How to Clean Your Tree of Life Rugs?

Cleaning your Tree of Life rug is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Vacuum regularly

Use a vacuum with a beater bar attachment to help remove dirt and debris from the surface of your rug. Avoid using a vacuum that has a rotating brush attachment, as this can damage the pile of your rug. If you have pets, use an upholstery attachment to pick up pet hair and other loose fibers.

Mop frequently

You don't need to mop your Tree of Life rug every time you vacuum it, but if you prefer to do so, be sure to use an all-purpose cleaning solution and wring out the mop well before mopping the surface of your Tree of Life area rug. Wringing out excess water helps prevent mildew and mold growth on the surface of your Tree of Life area rug.

Remove spots with mild soap and water immediately after they occur. 

For small spots, use a soft cloth dipped in soapy water or a combination of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water, working from the outside edge inward toward the center of the spot (don't rub). Then rinse with clear water until all traces of soap are gone.

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