The Do's & Don'ts For Carpet Steam Cleaners


Carpet steam cleaning is best performed by professionals but if you attempt to do it yourself, we have suggestions to make the process more effective. 

No matter how much effort we put in cleaning the carpets, there are always some stains that make way to the carpets and make it looking dirty.

Although the carpets are made in a way that makes them stain resistant, over a period of time, this protective coating will erode which makes the carpet more prone to stains.This eroded layer holds on to stains more strongly than previously which is why it is recommended to call a professional carpet steam cleaner to clean both new, to prevent this erosion, and old carpets, that already have this issue.

While cleaning the carpets, many people, even professionals, are likely to make a number of mistakes which can make whatever issues there are with the carpet even worse. To help make things easier, we’ve listed a few things you should and shouldn’t do when cleaning carpets.

Here are our carpet cleaning suggestions:

Remove dust from the carpet

This is the most common mistake that people make when trying to clean a carpet themselves using a rented tool – they start off with the assumption that their rented steam cleaner will remove everything. What may happen in the process of cleaning is that the machine can drive dirt and dust which were previously on the surface deep into the fibers of the carpet, which will make it even more difficult to remove. At that point, you’ll need to call a professional carpet steam cleaner to do the removal for you. To avoid this, it is recommended to remove dust before you start the cleaning work with the strongest vacuum you have available to you.

Avoid strong chemicals

There are different types of carpet steam cleaner products available on the market. However, not all of them are the same or useful for all types of carpets. The domestic cleaners are not always effective against old stains so homeowners assume that using some stronger stain removing chemicals to the water may be helpful in removing the stains. This may seem a smart choice, but it can lead to more damage to your carpet. Using eco-friendly or green cleaners is always recommended for effective cleaning.

Add some baking soda to your carpet steam cleaner

Usually the steam from the carpet steam cleaner is going to be enough to deal with those strong stains and bacteria. However, if you still experience a slight odor from your carpet, adding a spoon of baking soda to your carpet cleaning machine may do the magic. Make sure to not use more than a teaspoon as it can lead to damage to carpet tissues.

No steam cleaning on humid days

One of the most important things to remember for the longer life of your carpet is to avoid steam cleaning your carpets on hot and humid summer. Dry and hot days are usually the best time to steam clean carpets as it is easier to air out your carpet making it will dry faster. Steam cleaning your carpets during hot days helps prevent having a somewhat steamy house as a result of your cleaning efforts. Furthermore, if the carpet does not dry fast enough or the carpet is too saturated with water, mold can grow which can cause smell, damage to the fibers, and discoloration.

Check steam’s temperature

For every carpet steam cleaning session, it is important that the temperature of the steam machine is appropriate according to the type of carpet. Ideally, the temperature should be enough to generate lots of steam, but it is important to check if it doesn’t damage the fibers of the carpet. To be double sure, run the cleaner on a small section of the carpet. If everything seems good, you can proceed further. The temperature not just helps protect the fibers of carpet, but also ensures that the stains get cleaned properly. However, be sure not to use very hot water on certain fabrics as heat can actually damage and warp some fibers. It is essential to read the label on your carpet or upholstery when using a steam cleaner to ensure that you are using the right temperature setting. Hotter is not always better.

In case you don’t feel comfortable to do it yourself, calling a professional carpet steam cleaner is always the right choice.

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