Top Myths About Couch Cleaner Services

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There are tons of information floating around the internet the good and bad of couch cleaner services. As professional couch cleaners in NYC, we are here to help you sort out of the truth from the myth. 

Upholstery or couch cleaning is not just important for the better health, but is also essential for extending the life of a home’s furniture. For every household or business, couch cleaning is a very crucial task as it improves and maintains the overall cleanliness of your place. Hiring a professional couch cleaner service NYC is a smart move for effective removal of stains, dirt and debris on the couch. However, there are many presumptions and convictions with regard to couch cleaning that are absolutely misleading.

Because it can be confusing when homeowners call a professional for couch cleaner services in NYC, we've made things easier compiling a list of the top myths related to couch cleaning.

Dry cleaning is the most dangerous method to clean couches

This is one of the most common myths regarding the couch cleaning services as possible cleaning problems may be color bleeding, texture damage, shrinkage of fabric, and browning associated with water-based cleaning methods. The process of dry cleaning involves a dry cleaning solvent, which doesn’t cause any color fading, offering maximum protection for the fabric. Keep in mind that dry cleaning may be safe for the fabrics, but it may not be safe for your health.

Regular vacuuming will wear out the carpet faster

This is another very common myth that prevents homeowners from cleaning their couches using their vacuum cleaners. In the past, upholstery and couch fabrics were not manufactured to be as durable as they are now. The older fabrics would show the signs of wear and tear with frequent vacuuming. However, the modern vacuum has evolved and is equipped with the latest technology which cleans with little wear. Now, using a vacuum every day on your couch is 100% safe. However, it is still important to call couch cleaner services providers to remove stains caused by liquids and dirt buildup that has entered deep into the fabric.

You can clean a couch yourself

Many homeowners think that a couch is just like any other fabric that can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner and cleaning materials. This is a great misconception. Not all couch fabrics are the same and not every cleaning material is suitable for every fabric. This is what makes it important to choose the right cleaning solution as the wrong can both damage the fibers and stain the fabric.

Any cleaning company is suitable

This is not true. Just like the different brands creating electronic products and having different levels of quality, couch cleaning services providers are also not the same. Many companies don’t even have trained professionals. Many of their professionals don’t even know how to operate cleaning machines properly or how to pick the right cleaning solution for the various fabrics. Companies with skilled and trained professionals should always be your top pick. These companies will also save you unnecessary expenses on damages that may happen due to unskilled technicians.

New couches don’t require cleaning

It is a common myth about homeowners that new couches that haven’t been used for long don’t need cleaning. This conception is simply not true as dirt is always there on the surface of your couch, which may accumulate over time, making it looking dirty. Regular couch cleaning will help prevent dirt and stain buildup, giving your furniture a longer life. With regular couch cleaner services, your sofas and couches will always appear new and shining.

Steam cleaning will shrink the couch fabric

Most modern couches and sofas are made with synthetic materials that will not shrink. But, the trained professionals make sure to do a test before conducting a couch washing session to ensure that there will be no problems. Over 90% of all upholstery is perfectly safe to “steam clean” so you can feel assured that steam cleaning will be safe for your couch.

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