Top Ways The Right Carpet Shampoo Company Can Change Your Indoor Air Quality

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Getting the right carpet shampoo company is essential to the health of your rugs and home. Here are some issues that a great carpet cleaner service can remedy in your precious rugs. 

No matter if you’ve installed the latest air purifiers in your home, nothing is going to work if your rug or carpet is filled with allergens and dust particles. The reason is that the dust particles and allergens get mixed into the air every time you walk through the carpet, making it important to choose the right carpet cleaning product from a reliable rug shampoo company. A professional rug cleaner in NYC, with the help of their best carpet cleaners, can help get dust and allergens out of your rug for a healthier and comfortable living experience

Here is a breakdown of some issues that a great carpet cleaner service can fix with the right carpet shampoo!


Dust is the best place on which bacteria can live and reproduce. Researchers claim that carpets or rugs have the most dirt hidden inside your home. We walk on them cough over them, spill drinks or food over them and our pets also enjoy playing on the carpets, which all results in growth of bacteria. Using green rug cleaners from a reliable carpet shampoo company can be a great way to remove bacteria. The result is fewer germs and healthier families.


Your carpet is the home of many kinds of allergens like dust, pollen, etc. which can trigger asthma and other breathing problems. If you have any household member or guest dealing with asthma, it can be an issue living in the house. To combat this, green carpet cleaning service products come with advanced technology that cleans your carpet to the core. Since these products are free from any kind of chemicals or toxins for pets and children, your loved ones can enjoy playing or using the carpets with no worries.


You may not notice, but spilled water, drinks or food particles stay inside your carpet fibers for a longer time, resulting in moisture in your carpet. The moisture in your carpet results in growing mold and attracting other allergens. Mold is problematic because it drastically impacts air quality and health. Mold may lead to respiratory issues and flu-like symptoms. Regular vacuum cleaning doesn’t eliminate moisture. That’s why we use the newest and most effective methods to leave your carpets clean, dry and smelling fresh.


Green carpet cleaners are made using premium quality ingredients and have no toxic chemicals. So, you can enjoy a better and more comfortable indoor air quality, unlike those with carpets that have mold.

Pet dander

Our furry friends carry with them a lot of types of allergens with them, which may be left on your carpets, contributing to allergies and poor indoor air quality. Pet dander, or microscopic bits of skin, embed themselves into the carpet. And since they are very small in size, they stick to the carpet fibers and are very hard to remove. Only with a premium quality carpet cleaner it is possible to deal with these small and stubborn allergens.

Whether you live alone or with your family, it is recommended to carry out carpet cleaning services regularly with a professional and trusted company with years of experience, especially if you are in NYC which is known for having dirty air. As a leader in the industry, we only use premium quality tools and carpet cleaning shampoo products to clean the allergens and dust from your rugs and carpets to ensure you enjoy a healthier and comfortable living experience.

If you want a clean and fresh-scented home, call us, a recommended and on-time carpet shampoo company in NYC to take care of all your carpet cleaning services!

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