Best Carpet Cleaner for Pet Urine

best carpet cleaner for pet urine

You might be saying to yourself, “my rugs smells like dog pee.” Well, as the best carpet cleaning for pet stains in NYC, we can help!

Pets are a very popular addition to the modern household, the most popular being dogs and cats. Yet along with the joy of having a pet, there are hygiene and cleanliness issues that arise and sometimes you need a carpet cleaning for urine smells and accidents.

Pets can be dirty

Pets often have accidents on our furniture and rugs and their natural body oils, hair, odors, and dander can mark, damage and make the home smelly and uncleanly. Furthermore, guests who enter the home who are allergic or sensitive to pet odors, dander, or hair will be uncomfortable. That’s why we recommend hiring a carpet cleaner for urine smell and pet stain removal as a way to steam clean dog urine or cat urine out of carpets, couches, and more.

What you can do to keep your home clean

In order to have a cleanly home, it is important to deep clean your furniture and carpets regularly to ensure these items do not accumulate odors, accidents, hairs, and dead skin from your cats or dogs. If a pet makes an accident, especially on the mattress, it is important to call a professional steam cleaner for cat urine or dog urine removal immediately as urine, an acidic substance, can permanently stain fabric if left untreated. Furthermore, before we arrive, the accident should be dabbed with a paper towel to absorb as much liquid as possible.

How we are the best carpet cleaners for pet urine

At PristineGreen, we use various techniques to clean and sanitize the furniture depending on the issue. For pet odors, oils, and accidents, we have a multi-step process. We gather the hair with a professional roller and then thoroughly vacuum the piece. We then pre-spray the piece with a light soap and then apply the appropriate stain removers to ensure all the dirt, odors, and oils are lifted. Then, we agitate using the appropriate brush for the fabric. Once these steps are completed, the dirt, oils and odors have dissolved into the think later of moisture on the surface of the textile. We then use our hot-water extractor to lift this dirt. If the client wants extra sanitation, we then steam the item slowly with the option of using an essential oil for a luxurious and cleanly scent.

As the best carpet cleaner for pet urine we know the best ways for getting urine out of carpet, couches, mattresses and more. As your trusted carpet cleaner for urine smell and more, call us today for a free immediate quote!⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

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