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If you are a sensitive individual who is concerned about allergies, learn from us, expert hypoallergenic carpet cleaners, about what can be done to reduce allergic reactions with carpet cleaner services.

The home is often considered the safest place in an individual’s life, both emotionally and physically. But sometimes it’s not. Certain environmental factors may make the home very uncomfortable, specifically allergies.

What Are the Allergens and Symptoms

An allergy is a human immune system response to an environmental stimulus. These stimuli could be pet hair, pet odor, dust, and more. The most common allergy is dust, also known as “dust mites.” dust mites are microscopic organisms that feed on dust and moisture in the air. These dust mites can cause sneezing, running or stuffy nose, watery and red eyes, coughing, itching and more. Triggers of the dust allergy are mold, pollen, pet hair and pet feathers, and insects like cockroaches. For those who are sensitive with allergies as a dust mite allergy, it is important to keep the home clean and dust-free, especially the porous furniture which can easily absorb months if not years of dust in the fibers.

What We Do

At PristineGreen, one of the best carpet cleaners for allergies in NYC, we recommend a regular cleaning to prevent your furniture from accumulating dust and dirt which can lead to uncomfortable allergic reactions to dust and other pollens. In addition, we use only green and non-toxic chemicals in our cleanings that have been certified by the US EPA as part of their “Safer Choice” program.

When the windows are open or the heating or cooling unit is powered on, air from the outside will enter the house which carries varying degrees of dust and pollen which stick to the fibers of furniture. Over time, the piece accumulates large amounts of dust and pollen which fades the color of the item and also can lead to hygienic issues in the home. As one of the best carpet cleaners for dust mites, we use a specialized method to remove layers and layers of dust, oil, and stains from any piece of furniture including couches, armchairs, mattresses, carpets, curtains, and more. Our cleaning ensures that the home is a healthy and safe place for all its residents and guests

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