Useful Techniques Used By Area Rug Cleaners For Different Fiber Types

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When preparing for an area rug cleaning in NYC, it is important to have an understanding of the fabric of your textile and how it might be cleaned so that you can choose the proper carpet cleaning service professional.   

While you are spoilt for choices when buying area rugs for your home or office, keeping them clean may be a great hassle. The reason here is that not all the area rug cleaning methods are the same for all kinds of fabrics. Every material and fabric is different, which is why you get specific cleaning instructions along with each area rug. It is important to understand the different types of fabrics and the cleaning methods used by different companies or area rug cleaners nyc as not all methods work for your rug.

Types of area rug fibers

There is a wide range of different types of rugs available on the market. They’re available in different sizes, shapes and prints. However, there is one more thing that most people do not understand – their fabrics.


It is the most popular and used material or fabric for area rugs and carpets alike. The reason here is that nylon is a durable and wear-resistant material. In addition to being sturdy, nylon is also very good at fighting stains, so some varieties include a stain-resistant treatment.


One of the important reasons for olefin widely being used for carpet and area rug manufacturing process is that it is resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew. This is the reason that olefin makes a good rugs for basements and outdoors. If you are looking for a material that is tougher than nylon, then olefin is the choice to make. This is an ideal choice for the construction of loop pile or high, very dense cut piles.


If you’ve always heard that wool is only used for manufacturing your cosy woollen apparel, then here is an eye-opening statement – wool is very commonly used for carpet and area rug manufacturing. Favored for its natural beauty, woollen rugs come with a natural ability for soil resistance, but are not inherently stain resistant. The reason most people prefer woollen rugs and carpets is that it is an eco-friendly floor covering that can last for years.


We all know polyester for its rich and luxurious look, feel and appearance. It comes with a wonderful selection of colors and styles that can match almost any interior design and decoration theme. Polyester serves as a great value for homes with a normal amount of traffic.

Different Types Of Carpet Cleaning Methods Available

Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Extraction

Also known as hot water extraction, steam cleaning is one of the top ways that area rug cleaners nyc use for best results. The method involves agitating the dirt in the carpet fibers using hot water. The professionals will apply cleaning material on the surface and allow it to settle. The next step is hot water steam that is applied to the surface at high pressure, loosening the dirt and dissolving it. This is an ideal choice for cleaning rugs made from nylon, woollen and polypropylene materials.

Dry Cleaning

This is another commonly used cleaning method for carpet and area rugs cleaning and it has also gained approvals by leading manufacturers as this is an effective and reliable cleaning technique that does not require drying time. The method and technique used in dry cleaning makes it the right choice for cleaning rugs made from woollen material.

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