What is Included in Needlepoint Rug Cleaning

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Needlepoint rugs are known to require more care than other types of rugs. However, they are appreciated by homeowners for their special appeal and usually unique design. Created using the traditional needlework weaving technique that is also employed for other textile artwork, needlepoint rugs were once considered a luxury and they are not very common nowadays either. In this post we will explain how to care for needlepoint rugs and what their professional cleaning with help from a NYC steam cleaning company involves.

What Is a Needlepoint Rug?

Needlepoint rugs are rugs obtained using the needlepoint technique. This is a form of embroidery in which yarn is stitched through a stiff open weave canvas. Needlepoint has been practiced for centuries around the world and should not be mistaken for cross-stitch, which uses X-shaped stitches to form designs on fabric. If cross-stitch is compared to pixel art, needlepoint uses a wider array of stitches to create texture.

Why Are Needlepoint Rugs High Maintenance?

Needlepoint rugs will give a unique aspect to your home, but they also need more care than the average rug or carpeting. For instance, if you spill water or another liquid on a needlepoint rug, don’t follow your instincts and use a wet cloth to clean the stain. This will only make the stain become bigger. Think of the millions of hand stitches in a needlepoint rug – they are made using different fibers, such as wool, silk and acrylic, and each type of fiber requires a different treatment. 

Let’s see how you should take care of a needlepoint rug!

How to Care for Needlepoint Rugs

If needlepoint rug cleaning should be left to professionals, there are some preventative measures you can take to prevent permanent stains or degrading your needlepoint rug:

·       Dry towels for spills

If a spill occurs on your needlepoint rug, use dry towels to extract the moisture rather than using a wet cloth. The latter will cause the spill to spread, only making the matter worse.

·       Regular vacuuming

Regularly vacuuming your carpet will expand its lifespan as you will be getting rid of the dirt and the dust.

·       Avoiding high foot traffic

Although some people are also using needlepoint carpets in high traffic areas, best is to avoid areas of intense use and contact with young children and pets. Even if a high-quality needlepoint rug will not be damaged by the traffic, the chance of spilling something on the rug is higher in these areas.

What Is Included in Professional Needlepoint Rug Cleaning?

Do you need a NYC Steam Cleaning service to clean your needlepoint rug? In most cases, best is to call the professionals to clean your needlepoint rug in order to avoid damaging it and to preserve its value. Here is what you should expect if you use professional area rug cleaning services for your needlepoint rug:


The first step of caring for your needlepoint rug is assessing its condition and identifying issues such as stains and spills. We will thoroughly check the rug to discover damaged areas you may not be aware of and decide on the suitable cleaning methods. We maintain our observations in a database so we are able to select the right cleaning methods and access past information.


The next step of caring for your needlepoint rug is vacuuming the rug on both sides with professional equipment. We repeat the process until the rug is free from debris and dust.

Dye test

In order to determine the appropriate cleaning method, we will do a dye run test. This will help us establish if dyes in the carpet will transfer during washing. We will adjust the cleaning method according to the result of the test.


Based on the fibers we have identified in your rug we will use the most suitable cleaning method. We usually choose between washing, steaming, and dry cleaning. As a NYC Steam Cleaning company, we often prefer steam cleaning because it is an environmentally-friendly cleaning method and comes with benefits such as killing germs and not having to use strong cleaning solutions. However, for rugs that cannot be washed or cleaned at high temperatures, we may recommend dry cleaning as an alternative.


This stage is needed in order to completely eliminate traces of water. This is important for needlepoint rugs because moisture residing inside the rug can cause mold to develop.


The cleaning process usually ends with special hand grooming services by skilled technicians.

How to Choose a Reliable NYC Steam Cleaning Company for Needlepoint Rug Cleaning?

Needlepoint rug cleaning services can ensure for you a rug that looks and smells fresh at the fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one. Whether your rug has been in the family for decades or you have spent a small fortune on an expensive model, it deserves to be cleaned professionally by a reputable company. Such rugs can be very valuable, so make sure you entrust yours to experts by looking at the following aspects:

Not overlooking the inspection and testing stages

If cleaners are in too much of a hurry to complete the job first without inspecting the rug carefully, they might make poor decisions when it comes to the cleaning method.

Lack of hidden costs

Regardless of what borough or town you live in, the NYC steam cleaning company should provide you with a free, no-obligation quote based on their findings, and charge you this exact amount.

Company reputation

You should be able to check what other customers are saying about the cleaning company and see if they are satisfied with their services. Check online reviews and look for recommendations from friends and family.

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