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Are you a clean freak? Then you probably know what a CRB is. If not, this post is dedicated to this highly-effective carpet cleaning device that is used professionally by almost any rug cleaner in NYC but is also purchased by homeowners who are passionate about housekeeping. 

Keep on reading to find out how you can obtain the best carpet cleaning without having to take carpets to the cleaners by using this amazing piece of equipment!

What Is A CRB?

CRB stands for Counter Rotating Brush and refers to equipment featuring rotating brushes that move counterclockwise together, trapping and absorbing dirt from carpet fibers without ruining the fibers.

There are also multi-clean CRB units that can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as residential carpets, commercial carpets, and hard surfaces. 

CRBs are professional equipment and are often built with stainless steel and aluminum, ensuring that the unit will last through the toughest jobs. These machines also come with extra accessories, such as urine stain and odor remover or a multi-tool brush, so you can tackle even the most difficult cleaning jobs.

What Are the Benefits of CRB?

Benefits of CRB include but are not limited to:

Reducing the amount of effort needed to clean surfaces

No more scrubbing and brushing with CRBs – professional cleaners and not only can breeze through their work in no time.

Better results compared to traditional cleaning methods

Have you ever tried brushing a carpet by hand? It is exhausting and time-consuming, and the results are modest. There is no better way to clean a carpet on the spot than by using a CRB and a professional carpet cleaning solution. Once you try it, you will never want to clean carpets without a CRB again!

CRBs are also very effective at cleaning tile grout, which can be stubborn and resist thorough mopping and scrubbing. Brushes from a CRB scrub the cleaning solution directly into the grout and deliver results that are far superior to mopping. And easier to obtain than by using a bristle brush by hand!

Not damaging surfaces

As an oriental rug cleaner, we can confirm that some carpets can be quite delicate, and applying too much friction or force can damage them. CRBs, whether they are used with water extraction or for dry cleaning, is specially designed to clean both effectively and safely.

Getting more work done

CRBs are lifesavers for carpet and upholstery cleaning companies because these pieces of equipment enable these businesses to get work done faster and serve more customers in the same amount of time.

A CRB is a must for a cleaning company. This kind of investment has an excellent return, as it enables professionals to complete a larger number of cleaning jobs in a given period.

Working both with wet and low-moisture cleaning

Don’t you hate it when you end up storing lots of equipment in your home because every piece does a different job? The best cleaning tools are those which can be used in different ways and for multiple surfaces. A major advantage of CRB is that you can use it both with hot water extraction and low moisture cleaning. Keep on reading to find out how a CRB can be used both ways!

CRB With Hot Water Extraction

With hot water extraction, we apply the carpet shampoo to the soiled areas, we use the CRB, then use the extractor.

How water extraction consists of injecting hot water and cleaning agents into a carpet at high pressure and subsequently removing the dirty water by using a powerful vacuum. A CRB can be added to the cleaning process between the hot water injection and the vacuuming to improve results, especially in heavily soiled areas. The process may continue with rinsing the preconditioner with a cleaning wand, applying an acidic solution to balance the pH of carpet fibers, and possibly using a carpet drier or fan to reduce moisture. 

The use of CRB can also be combined with consumer-grade machines that do not heat water or with steam cleaners. Given the fact that CRBs are usually employed with a cleaning solution, it is recommended to end the cleaning job by using a piece of equipment with a vacuum function.

CRB With Low Moisture Cleaning

With low moisture cleaning, we put down an encapsulation chemical, use the CRB, and then we are done – it is that simple!

This is possible due to the development of new polymers in the 1990s, which can crystallize or encapsulate soil particles into dry residues. The CRB machine helps to spread the encapsulation chemical into the carpet, and the dry residue containing the dirt and grease can be vacuumed immediately after. A huge advantage of this method is minimizing downtime, as carpets are dry and free of wet residue almost immediately after the cleaning. Low moisture cleaning with a CRB is faster than carpet shampoo cleaning and more convenient.

Having a CRB in your cleaning arsenal is a must if you like multipurpose tools or are concerned with ensuring a clean environment at home with little effort. However, this is a professional machine and purchasing one is an investment. Doing your cleaning also means you need to: keep supplies such as cleaner shampoo at home, learn how to use the equipment and master different cleaning methods, and find the actual time needed to clean your carpets and rugs. Using the services of a carpet and sofa cleaning NYC company is simpler, faster, and more cost-effective compared to purchasing your CRB and using it regularly. 

PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning can bring you the advantages of cleaning your carpets with a CRB, whether you opt for hot water extraction or low-moisture cleaning, without you breaking a sweat! Contact us today – we are open 7 days a week and will get back to you within 24 hours.

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