Persian Rug Cleaning Tips

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Persian Rug Cleaning Tips

A genuine Persian rug is a major investment. This type of rug provides excellent value for decades and you will most possibly pass it as an heirloom to your children. Persian rugs can be the centerpiece of a room and serve as a foundation for the entire room décor. Other benefits of this type of rug are: being environmentally-friendly when made with natural fibers, insulating rooms, complimenting even contemporary interior design, and releasing fewer allergens than modern rugs.

Are you the lucky owner of a delightful Persian rug? Take good care of it by maintaining it meticulously and using the services of a Persian rug cleaning NYC company on a regular basis. Here is what you should know about your Persian rug and the best ways to clean it:

What Is a Persian Rug?

Persian rugs come from Iran, which was officially named Persia until 1934. Even if many similar (oriental) rugs are called Persian rugs, a real one is a treasure. A genuine Persian rug is produced manually by experienced knotters, with more affordable models though being obtained through mass production.

Carpet weaving is an essential part of Persian culture. Iran has a crafts tradition dating for centuries and reflected in the fineness and durability of the carpets. The finest carpets come from regions such as Nain, Isfahan and Tabriz.

What to Pay Attention to When Cleaning a Persian Rug

The large number of knots in a Persian rug can make you think that such carpets are more difficult to clean. The opposite is true, actually. The denser the rug, the more difficult it is for dirt to permeate it. This means that a high-quality Persian rug will require less frequent cleaning than a modern, mass production rug.

However, if you have such a treasure in your home, taking good care of it will extend the rug’s lifespan. Here are the most important aspects to consider when cleaning a Persian rug:

Regular vacuuming

Vacuuming is an essential part of keeping your Persian rug clean and in good shape. Rugs are exposed to dust and dirt from foot traffic, so they need regular vacuuming, at least once a week. Not vacuuming your rug regularly transforms it into a dustbin and a habitat for dust mites and possibly carpet beetles. Too busy to vacuum every day? Consider using a robot vacuum cleaner that will maintain dust and dirt at a minimum level without you dropping a sweat.

Even with a robot vacuum cleaner, you will still need to give your rug a good old-fashioned vacuuming about once a month. Remember to move the brush gently in just one direction along with the rug rather than vacuuming in a backward and forward motion. Moreover, vacuuming the backside of your Persian rug will contribute to its long life.

Attend to spills immediately

Every rug falls victim to spills, eventually. When this happens, it is important that you act fast. Dab the spill with a paper towel to extract moisture and avoid rubbing as this will only spread the particles around. If the spill is more than just water, use a mild detergent to clean it, but again, without rubbing.

Choose the right cleaning method

The first rule of thumb with cleaning Persian rugs is avoiding hot water and harsh chemicals.

Some Persian rugs can be washed with water and special carpet cleaning solution. If you opt for washing, it is important that you let the rug air dry completely before placing it back on the floor and using it.

For smaller Persian rugs, many Persian rug cleaning NYC companies recommend dry cleaning. This method is faster as there is minimal moisture left in the carpet after cleaning and you can enjoy it again almost immediately.

Use mild detergent

Carpet cleaning detergent may be necessary sometimes when you are dealing with a spill that can cause persistent stains, such as red wine. If you need to use detergent, opt for a green product or at least an EPA Safer Choice cleaning solution and always follow the instructions.

Persian Rug Maintenance Tips

Before giving a deep clean to your Persian rug, you need to follow good maintenance practices. These will enable you to enjoy your Persian rug for generations and will also reduce the need for frequent Persian rug cleaning NYC services. The most important Persian rug maintenance aspects include:

-          Regular vacuuming;

-          Keeping your rug out of direct sunlight to prevent discoloration;

-          Rotating the rug once every month;

-          Varying pathways on the rug by changing the place of furniture every few months;

-          Airing the rug to prevent moisture and insect buildup;

-          Using under rug padding or underlay.

Why Use Persian Rug Cleaning NYC Services?

An important maintenance tip for Persian rugs is getting them professionally deep cleaned at least once a year. Especially when accidents happen, a more professional level of intervention is necessary. Benefits of using Persian rug cleaning NYC services include:

-          Not risking damage to your Persian rug by attempting to clean it yourself;

-          Saving time and money, as professional cleaning services are more cost-effective than trying to clean your rug at home;

-          Extending the lifespan of your Persian rug and protecting your investment;

-          Protecting the environment as professional cleaning services are optimized to deliver the best results using fewer resources.

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