Carpet and Rug Spot Bleaching

carpet bleach stain repair

We understand that carpet bleach stain repair can be a daunting task.

We've seen it all.

From the clear spots on your carpet where your cat peed to the drink stain that won't come out, to the bleach carpet spot that has faded but is still visible, we've been there.

At Pristine Green Cleaning, our team of experts is trained not only in how to clean your carpets and rugs properly and efficiently, but also in how to get bleach stains out of carpet.

We know how to get rid of the stubborn bleach stain on carpet so that you can enjoy the look of your carpets and rugs again.

How to fix the bleach stain on the carpet?

If you have a bleach spot on your carpet, and you are wondering how to remove bleach stains from carpet don't panic!

Bleach is a strong alkaline chemical that can cause severe damage to your carpet if not handled properly. The good news is that WE ARE HERE to help you. We know several ways to remove bleach spots from carpets.

Because you can fix that old bleach stain on carpet with the right steps!

Bleach is a powerful cleaning solution, but it's not without its downsides. If you spill bleach on your carpet, you might find that it leaves behind a light brown or yellow spot. This can be frustrating and embarrassing, but there are ways to remove the stain.

Here are some tips for removing bleach spots from carpet:

  • Soak up any excess liquid with paper towels.
  • Apply a pre-treating solution such as an enzyme-based cleaner or a product containing oxygen diphosphate (OxyDish). Let this sit on the spot for at least five minutes before blotting with clean towels.
  • Wash the area gently with cool water and mild detergent. Rinse well, then dry thoroughly with clean towels.

Can professional carpet cleaners remove bleach stains?

Pristine Green Cleaning is a carpet and rug spot bleaching service that uses the most advanced cleaning methods to get rid of stains and restore your carpets and rugs to their original luster. We specialize in removing tough stains like blood, wine, coffee, and more!

We use only the best products and equipment available on the market today. Our process always starts with an inspection of your carpet to see what kind of stain you have, then we'll determine the best way to remove it. 

We use a safe cleaning solution that will help break down any particles found in your carpet, which is what causes staining. Once we've done this we apply a strong deodorizing agent that will bring back the color in your carpet or rug. 

Finally, we use a vacuum to extract all of the moisture out of your carpets or rugs so they are dry before you can walk on them again!

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