Can You Repair an Oriental Rug?

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An oriental rug can transform a plain room into a classy one that instantly makes you feel like home. Oriental rugs are definitely not out of fashion because they combine very well with contemporary interior design and can give a sophisticated and warm feel to any home. Many times, these area rugs are an important investment, bringing additional benefits such as insulating floors, making rooms more comfortable for young children, and not releasing as many allergens as synthetic carpets.

Sometimes, your oriental rug can lose its beautiful aspect, when it has been used intensively for decades or has been neglected. NYC Steam Cleaning Carpet Repair can definitely help you restore your oriental rug’s original glory so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

What Causes Oriental Rugs to Deteriorate?

There are multiple factors in your home that can cause the discoloration and deterioration of your oriental rug:

Dirt and dust

The accumulation of dirt and dust in your oriental rug can cause its brighter spots to look dull. As dust particles add up to the rug’s fibers, the latter lose their ability to reflect light and the rug’s specific shine diminishes. Sharp debris such as sand can even cut delicate fibers. The worst part is that dust damage occurs gradually, in time, and you don’t notice the rug dulling until it’s too late.


Spills and prolonged exposure to water can completely destroy an oriental rug. Water creates an environment where mold can easily develop and fibers start to deteriorate. Keep rugs away from flowerpots and appliances using water, and attend to spills immediately.


A humid environment can cause mold to grow inside your rug. The damage is reversible if you take the rug to the professionals in the early stages of deterioration.


UV light is just as damaging to your rugs as it is to your skin and it will cause colors to slowly fade. Especially when you have a genuine oriental rug made from natural fibers, keep it away from direct sunlight and use UV-filtering tint on your windows if you want to let natural light in.

Oriental Rug Maintenance Tips

Before needing area rug repair in NY, there are a few things you can do to prevent damage to your oriental rug:

-          Rotating the oriental rug regularly to alternate pathways on your rug and ensure a uniform look;

-          Minimizing contact with direct sunlight and rotating to ensure uniform fading;

-          Vacuuming regularly to extract dust and to prevent fibers from becoming packed down from excess traffic;

-          Cleaning spills as soon as possible;

-          Using padding under your oriental rug to keep it stabilized and to reduce wrinkling;

-          Airing the rug out regularly to prevent mold growth and odor;

-          Using efficient cleaning methods such as NYC steam cleaning at least every few years to restore the rug’s natural fibers.

How Can You Repair an Oriental Rug?

Wear and tear and occasional accidents will eventually cause damage to your oriental rug, causing it to look dull and flattening its fibers. The good news is that you can have your oriental rug repaired; when asking about a free rug repair estimate, also inquire about the services included. There are multiple repairs technique, including but not limited to the following:

Oriental area rug cleaning services

A repair starts with cleaning, which includes thorough vacuuming and washing of your oriental rug.

Stain and spot removal

Dealing with stubborn stains? A NYC steam cleaning carpet repair service will definitely make wonders for your oriental rug, without the need of harsh chemicals.

Pet waste removal services

If your oriental carpet is affected by pet waste, call to a NYC steam cleaning carpet repair company as soon as possible. Before their arrival, use a plastic bag to collect as much of the mess as possible and spray the area with an enzymatic cleaner.

Fringe repairs

Because the fringe is not supported by the firm structure of the rest of the rug, it is prone to wear and unravelling more quickly than the rug itself. Repairs include finding matching replacement threads, sewing a blanket stitch along the damaged area, and pinning new replacement fringe on top of the base.


Re-weaving is necessary when the rug has been affected by moth or starts to unravel because of old age. It is important to repair the rug as soon as you notice damage.

Maintenance services

Once your rug has undergone repair, it is vital that you constantly monitor its condition to detect further damage in time. Maintenance services also include deodorization and sanitation services, which are needed in order to keep the rug’s fibers in good shape.

Why Use Area Rug Repair in NY?

Do you have an oriental rug that needs repairs? If the vacuuming and steam cleaning part can be easily performed at home, other restoration steps can be more complicated, require special skills and equipment, and may not be so much fun if you are not the DIY type.

The best thing about NYC steam cleaning carpet repair is the cost effectiveness. Your old and beloved oriental rug can look as good as new at the fraction of the cost of a new one. Contact PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning now for a free rug repair estimate!

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