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Deep Clean

PristineGreen Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to giving your carpet or furniture a deep, professional clean, using only non-toxic products. Upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning requires special tools and skills to lift all types of stains…that’s why we are here to help!

Carpet Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning tough stains out of all types of carpets. Also known as “rug cleaning.”

Upholstery Cleaning

Although sofa cleaning is our #1 requested furniture cleaning service, we do all types of pieces: chairs, loveseats, stools, cushions, and more!

Mattress Cleaning

Having children can be a joy, but sometimes there are accidents. Someimtes its the pets too! [And maybe adults after a long night of drinking!]. We have the tools and skills to make all spots and odors disappear. 

Interior Auto Detailing

When you have a car, you spend lots of time in it…its like a second home! And homes get dirty….we specialize in cleaning auto upholstery, iincluding fabric upholstery and leather seats. We will make your car look brand new.

Pet Stains

We love our pets….but sometimes they can make a mess! That’s why we specialize in pet stain and pet odor removal! 

Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning business using non-toxic products. We specialize in rug cleaning, sofa cleaning, couch cleaning, furniture cleaning, and more!

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