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Whether it’s a new carpet you have installed just a couple of years ago or the oriental rug that has been in your family for generations, seeing discoloration in a carpet or area rug is always an unpleasant surprise. In this post we will be talking about the first signs that indicate you need Carpet and Area Rug Restoration in NY and how to prevent this from happening in the first place.

What Causes Carpet and Area Rug Colors to Fade?

You may not even realize that your carpets and rugs have started to fade, so it is important to be aware of the most common causes of discoloration. Different factors affect different dye colors, and some of them may seem to you quite bizarre or unexpected:

Chemical substances

Some chemical substances present in our households can cause certain dyes to fade out. For instance, formaldehyde, found in wooden floor products, destroys red dyes, while freon, a common coolant once used in air-conditioning, destroys yellow dyes. 

Sun rays

Sun fading is usually present near windows and on the southwest exposure of a building, with blue being the first color to disappear in as little as six months.

Lack of natural light

No light at all is also bad for your carpet or area rug. The chemicals present in carpet pads and adhesives in carpet backing, in the presence of moisture and without light, release a gas that causes yellowing of the carpet. 

Heavy traffic

Carpets used in high traffic areas are often affected by greying due to soiling and abrasion that happen when people walk over the carpet. Regular carpet cleaning helps to reduce greying.

Washing the carpet

Repetitive washing has also been shown to cause colors and patterns to fade away. Water exposure has a negative effect on some fibers, so you should always ask for advice from a NYC Steam Cleaning expert before trying any cleaning method at home.

Which Dyes Are More Likely to Fade?

Not all dyes are created the same. We have already seen that some colors disappear faster than others. Red and blue dyes are more vulnerable to fading than other rug colors. Since these two colors are very common in oriental rugs, these valuable area rugs should be protected to prevent colors from bleeding. Blue dyes, for instance, are affected by alkaline components in supermarket carpet detergent, so make sure you use a professional carpet cleaning solution every single time, such as green carpet cleaning solutions.
Natural dyes can be more susceptible to fading than artificial dyes, and natural fibers such as wool may be more vulnerable to fading caused by sunlight than synthetic materials.

What Indicates the Need for Carpet and Area Rug Restoration In NY?

Most times, people are taken by surprise when they notice their carpets and rugs are becoming discolored. This is because the first signs are discreet and the problem evolves gradually in time.
A common sight in carpets that start to discolor is one or two small spots that seem to be fading. Many people pay little or no attention to them and even trick themselves into thinking it’s nothing. Under these circumstances, it is vital to determine what has caused the dye to fade and take measures to prevent an aggravation of the problem.

How Can You Prevent Carpet Colors from Fading?

There are some very simple and effective tricks that can prevent your carpet from fading:

Reduce sunlight

Protect your carpets and area rugs from the harsh sun by pulling the blinds down or drawing the curtains. This measure also lowers the costs of air conditioning, so it’s a win-win. If you don’t want to block your window view completely, consider applying window film tints that block UV and reflect heat.

Keep your hands and feet clean

This also includes the usage of moisturizer or medication on your body. If you need to apply a lotion n your skin, minimize contact between your skin and carpets.

Treat stains and spill immediately

Never allow a stain to sit in your carpet or rug as the longer it stays in, the harder it will be to clean it.

Apply salt to your carpet

Salt is used in the textile industry to seal colors into fibers. Rub a small amount of salt into your carpet and vacuum it afterwards to keep the carpet looking fresh for longer. Get advice from Carpet and Area Rug Restoration in NY experts on other substances than can help to prevent fading, such as acetic acid and others.

How Can an Expert Carpet and Rug Color Restoration Help?

Once your carpet colors have started to bleed out or have faded, there is little that the average homeowner can do. 
Calling to the services of Carpet and Area Rug Restoration in NY will give you access to expert carpet and rug color restoration services techniques such as pile shearing, abrash redying, usage of low system dying systems, rebuilding multicolored designs, and others. Immediate reaction and treatment can make your carpets look brand new again and help you save money by not having to replace your carpets and rugs with new ones.

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